In response to Jessica!

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In response to Jessica!

Postby judyjoy » Mon Sep 22, 2008 9:35 pm

Hi everyone, I'm sorry to post here, as I know this is the introd. section, but I just read a post from Jessica..... that I need to address. It was locked and I could not send her a responce, and I need too..... :thumbsup:
Jessica, your response was wonderful, made my day! What a wonderful writer you are, what a wonderful advocate we have for our breed.

I truly never meant any kind of disrespect or judgment or anything. I just can't deal with it any more. I've seen it sooooo much I just had to stop, as it was killing me. I had to retire from trying to fight city hall, if ya now what I mean. I have seen so many horrors, I just fall apart anymore. Belive me I love pitts so much I would die for one. My heart hurts just thinking about some of the suffering of animals. I pray for them, they are my life.

Some of us are stronger than others and can watch it somehow sleep that night, not me. I sometimes hear a horrible thing on the news about Pitts and I can't sleep for weeks. It kills me, seeing people be so mean,my heart akes and I help where I can though placing rescues. I have one! K-OS. I have five dogs and five cats, that's all I can have. only from the laws I would have a lot more.

I am humbled by your letter, wow, You are the voice to help the cause, never stop. I am so honored that you spoke from your heart for these wonderful dogs. I'm sorry I'm not strong in that area. God Bless you and keep up the good fight: :bully:

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