Hello from Illinois

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Hello from Illinois

Postby meltedspork » Fri Jul 31, 2009 7:13 pm

Hi everyone. I'll do my best to introduce myself. I love to write so I apologize in advance if I compose an epic novel ;)

My name is Jayme (I'm a girl, I know it's hard to tell by my name) and I live in Yorkville, IL (far western burb of Chicago) with my boyfriend of 5 years, Corey. We pretty much have a zoo at our house... 2 dogs, 1 turtle, 2 frogs, and 1 hamster. The dogs are Lola and Max, the turtle is Toby, the hamster is Meatwad, and the frogs are Jabba and Yoda.

As for the dogs... Max is a pointer/terrier mix of some sort. Many people think he has some pit in him but I'm not sure. Lola for sure is a pit bull mix. Maybe you guys can help me figure out exactly what breed(s) you think my dogs are. Max is about 9 months old and Lola turned 1 in June. Both are rescue dogs... I wouldn't have it any other way.

Max is a big time mama's boy. He's super sweet but he's scared of a lot of random things (bikes, garbage cans, strollers, sprinklers, etc) and he is also afraid of most men (including Corey, but it is getting better with time). We don't know what happened to him, but we suspect he was abused as a young pup. We've had him for almost 6 months now.

Lola was rescued from a life as a bait dog. Luckily she has no emotional scars, as she was rescued quite young. She is sweet as can be and very friendly and outgoing. She does have some physical scars... her back hip and nose were broken and she has many small scars on her body. Also her nails were very overgrown (as in they were NEVER trimmed) so we are working to get those to a normal length. We've had Lola for about 2 months.

Both of my dogs LOVE to play with other dogs and our neighbor's dog, Duke, is their best friend. Both dogs are pretty well-behaved. I've worked with them a lot, especially with walking. Neither had been on a leash before we got them. I used Cesar Millan's methods and now they walk really great, side by side. I've also taught them sit, stay, lay down, give paw, come here... and now working on roll over.

I'm very anal about providing the best environment/quality of life for my pets as possible. For example, my turtle lives in a huge 120 gallon tank and I special order zoo-quality food for him. I'm new to having dogs and constantly looking to be a better dog owner, so I am open to any tips. I currently feed both dogs Wellness Super 5 Mix (mix of the chicken and lamb formulas). Looking to switch to Wellness Core, Innova EVO, Nature's Variety Instinct, or Orijen at some point... need to visit the local stores and do some price comparisons.

A little more about me... I work for a hearing aid company where I manage electronic data files for the government services department. I'm currently working towards my master's degree in journalism (my bachelor's degree is in English). I love music, going to concerts, taking pictures, playing video games (I'm a big nerd), wasting time on the internet, hanging out with my friends, and sleeping.

Here are some pics of my pups, I'll post more later:






And Toby, just for fun:

If I left anything out, please ask!

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Re: Hello from Illinois

Postby MikeInTacoma » Sun Aug 02, 2009 5:37 am

Cute dogs! I have no idea of what kind of mixes they might be though -- not my area of interest. Others here might hazard some guesses though.

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