Hi! My name is Terra

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Hi! My name is Terra

Postby KoheinLuckyshumom » Tue Dec 22, 2009 2:10 am

and I love my dogs!

I hail from Phoenix, AZ am 32, volunteer at AAWL and am looking to get involved with MASH (Sheriff Joe Arapio's Cruelty Division) since the prevention and prosecution of cruelty and neglect is more my interest in the rescue world. I would love to be able to foster, however, I took in a stray off the street aptly named Lucky, that is dog selective/aggressive so that is out.
I adopted Kohei (pronounced koe high) from a rescue group on behalf of a shelter at 9 weeks old. I got to meet his momma who is a big mush and his siblings. He is my first pitbull, and he is definitely mixed with something, my vet thought it he could be mastiff.. not sure about that and to me it does not make difference. The lady that did the adoptions was so sweet. Turns out the litter had parvo, to which my monster tested positive, but other than the gas and diarrhea, never really got sick. He was easy to trick train, is a bit on the stubborn side, but I am so grateful that i choose to adopt him and have a dog in my life.
I live in South Phoenix, which can be kinda sketchy because it is mostly working class and most people around here either have a dog as a barking machine in the backyard to ward off unsavory types or they seem them as a money making device without putting thought into the dog. I went through 3 months of finding a dog a week, most of them pibbles. What got me involved in working with AAWL was the fact that every rescue group was very gun shy on taking in a pibble, so thankfully most of them were street weary enough to go to the Humane Society, while the one the broke my heart had to go the shelter. Someone dumped a freshly spayed female in our area. I put up fliers, posting everywhere i could think of, contacted every rescue group, but no one claimed her and no rescue could take her. She was extremely cat aggressive, and I have cats. Ian, my ever tolerant boyfriend's final straw with her was when she tried to go through a window at one of the cats. Off to the shelter she went. Kohei was heartbroken and i thought if i could volunteer as a foster, maybe that little girl would have more time at the shelter.
Kohei was my only dog until June of this year, when we found Lucky together on the street. He was dragging 4 ft of chain behind him and really did not know what to make of me and Kohei. He definitely wanted to be my friend, Kohei was in love with him, however Lucky was tolerant, but definitely not thrilled with the idea of a little brother. roflmao Plus the fact that we did not know if he had escaped a backyard. I walked around with Lucky until he wandered into a backyard, which i thought was his -- shut the gate and didn't think anything more about it until a week later, I saw him on my way to work, following a dude around. He was tailing the guy, but the guy didn't seem to care. Didn't see him again until about a week later, dirty, some battle scars and hungry. The guy that would let me handle him decided that he no longer wanted to be close, and would bounce away from me when I tried to touch his collar. He would go sit next to Kohei and they would seem to have this conversation. After a week of hand feeding, he finally decided i was good enough people to come in my home. That first nite he slept in the backyard, and Kohei slept by the backdoor. :) I contacted rescues that were not open to taking on a dog that was going to be work. Unnuetered, unsocialized and untrained, this guy needed work. He went to the vet and Kohei pined away for him. He hated me for a few days after being nuetered, but all was well after that.
They had their first fight on the Saturday of Labor Day weekend. No injuries, but it was enough to scare the bejeezus out of me to realize that perhaps my ideal situation of having two male pitbulls was not going to work. Lucky is extremely submissive to everything, Kohei, being a mix, really doesn't care about being top dog as long as you play with him. He acquiesces to Kohei and there was not the struggle for dominance at all. I called in a trainer, who of course turned my world upside down. No more sleeping with me, no more on the couch, structure and obedience become the important things, and everything was honky dorey. Until one day, Kohei decided he did not like living in a world of rules and boundaries, and decided that he would take it out on Lucky. Thankfully my trainer lives around the corner and offered support for me and reminded me that dogs are dogs, and like people they have disagreements and it was my job to make sure they could not disagree about anything. I must of forgot to latch Lucky's crate one day, because we walked into both the dogs being on a bed, covered in what i thought was mud. Nope, Kohei had beaten the crap out of lucky, and i was beside myself. But it taught me a very valuable lesson, I need to teach these guys how to behave, and both dogs need to be crated when we are not around. So we are working on obeidence training and one day i hope to be able to introduce Kohei to agility, and Lucky has not shown what he likes.
Kohei has stranger danger due to our house being robbed twice with him in it. the first time he was crated, the second time he was not. Yeah us! Lucky has stranger danger with men, trainer i both believe it was a man that abused him, he is dog selective and attention starved. Seriously, this dog believes he is a 65lb lap dog, and that the world revolves around him getting attention. If he is bored, his favorite game to play is how can i sneak up on the couch and get pets.

So that is us in a nut shell.. We are looking for those in the Phoenix area that are involved in Pitbull activities and even rescue work to get to know better and become more of the community. Kohei would love to work on weight pull, but we don't even know how to get started. :(

I hope to post some pics soon.. when our house was robbed, they took my laptop which of course had all my pictures on it.. Kohei is a big brindle.. Lucky is white with a brown patch on his blue eye, and brown tips to his ears. He has the cutest underbite in the world!

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Re: Hi! My name is Terra

Postby spammie » Tue Dec 22, 2009 6:28 am

Hi and welcome to PBF, Terra. You have an interesting story. I'd re-post it in behavior/training for some solid input from our members. Many of us have a multi dog household and there's a lot of wisdom here concerning dog aggression.

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