Christina from Canada

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Christina from Canada

Postby christina » Tue Jun 07, 2011 12:46 pm

Hey all..

My name (as you've probably already guessed) is Christina and I hail from Saskatchewan, Canada.

Dogs are my absolute passion and the breeds that are front and centre in that passion are pit bulls, AmStaffs, and dobermans. I consider these breeds among the most misunderstood in North America and there is not a day that goes by that I am not humbled by the intelligence, devotion, ability, and loyalty that are the common characteristics of these dogs.

I currently share my life with Cassius, an AmStaff x American bulldog that was rescued from the SPCA; Naavi, a fifteen month dobe that came from an awesome and dedicated breeder in Arkansas; and Haari, a twelve week old puppy that I imported from Germany almost a month ago.

Cassius, also known as "Bubba", "Bubsy", or "Bubbers" is the household goofball. He cleans puppy bums, straightens out unruly guests, has a key role in assisting with the rehabilitation of aggressive dogs, and hogs the bed like a champ. He also does obedience (I'm planning to put his BH on him this year though he's absolutely useless in schutzhund) and socializes the bejeepers out of any foster dog that comes through my household. Naavi is in training for schutzhund where we'll hopefully pick up our BH this fall and Haari is my upcoming schutzhund prospect.

If you hadn't noticed so far, my favourite dog sport is schutzhund though I do enjoy obedience and flyball and have always been interested in getting into agility and weight pull.

Aside from dogs I have three cats, two of which are outdoor rescue kitties that patrol the forty acres of land that we live on, keeping it diligently mouse free, and one of which is my indoor Cornish rex. Last but not least is my blue headed pionus named Mirri, also a rescue and the sweetest bird you will ever meet.

I joined the forum out of a genuine love and respect for this breed and also to hopefully get in touch with some people who train and work their pits in schutzhund or other protection sports. I would absolutely love to one day get a pit or AmStaff with the working ability to excel in schutzhund and the temperament that makes the breed one of the best companions in the world.

I really look forward to meeting everyone and learning as much more about this amazing breed as I can.

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Re: Christina from Canada

Postby spammie » Tue Jun 07, 2011 6:54 pm

Welcome to PBF.

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