Howdy from Tampa Bay Florida


Howdy from Tampa Bay Florida

Postby suemccartin » Thu Jan 12, 2012 9:58 am

Hello, I'm not a new pitbull "owner," I'm a new pitbull step mommy. My best friend has a 6 month male rednose, gold eyes very nice body tone; a real beauty. He is very sweet and very protective of us. It's always great to visit him and see the tail wag enthusiastically and the kisses and the demands for attention(we just have to work on the jumping problem slowly).

Daddy named him "sid vicious" after the drummer/base player. He does like to play rough and hands are a favorite but he never bites really hard just sounds like he's going to tear you up and loves to sleep with you (where does a pit bull sleep? Any darn place he wants to!).

Very cute 6 month old pupply, intelligent, active, willfull and into everything. Just like most human two year olds and just as smart if not smarter.

About me:
Live in Tampa Bay Florida
Computers (building/repair)
Motorcycles (yeah Harley!)
SCA (historical reenactment)
Critters of many types (I have a 6 foot rescued old wizened iguana named Draco)
horticulture (indoor veggie garden)
martial arts (karate, jujitsu, arnise, kung fu)
I work in a Paralegal type job for Family Law related cases

My exposure to pitbulls:
My good friend raised pits for many years and has several grand champions to his credit in this area. For quite awhile he had to give up his dogs due to finacial issues that forced him into a small apartment. Recently he picked up Sid from an out of state relative who still had some of his bloodline in the family.

While my friend knows quite a lot about pits and their health issues to where he can deal with a lot of things, sometimes there's just those issues that absolutely have to go to a vet. If you haven't noticed lately it's just as expensive to take the dog to the vet as to take yourself to the physician. There's not a whole lot of available cash for a number of reasons mostly to do with the trashed economy in the US and the poor salaries in Florida.

I'm here to ask questions about health matters and whether they can be safely treated at home with available medications or are absolutely something that a vet is going to have to see so we can sell the firstborn to take him to the vet if we have to (LOL).

It's nice to find this forum specifically for pits. It's a very maligned breed and I agree that it's mostly the humans that raise them. Being in the south there are still unfortunately a lot of dogs being fought in professional fights. I don't really have an opinion about fighting, I've never seen a fight and wouldn't want to. I do know that most of the people who engage in the activity are not good people who deserve to have any critter much less a pit bull.

Fix the bad humans, it isn't the pit's fault he got stuck with a jerk for a human.
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Re: Howdy from Tampa Bay Florida

Postby spammie » Fri Jan 13, 2012 6:07 am

Welcome to PBF. It sounds like you a have a mouthy pup. Here's a link to a thread that may help. Has the pup started obedience training yet?
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Re: Howdy from Tampa Bay Florida

Postby haranka » Sat Jan 14, 2012 2:20 pm

welcome to PBF :hi
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