Hi I am new here!


Hi I am new here!

Postby spike1rescue » Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:33 pm

Hello members, I wanted to introduce myself. I live in Northeast Pennsylvania with my seven year old son and recently adopted an 2 1/2 yr old American Staff (Spike). The reason why I am here is just to get some advice. This is a lengthy story I apologize. He is having some behavioral issues I am worried about if anyone has dealt with this type of behavior or some type of suggestions it would be greatly appreciated.

Well I have to say I have had him going on 3 months, when I first brought him home he was very active and was horrible walking on a leash and constant growling at me when I gave him his food he also was extremely self conscious about touching him toward his behind by his tail (he would quick turn and look). So I took him to a (training school) a week after I adopted him to try and help him out. Well I was a little misled by the teacher she stated it would be a "new beginner class", for good companionship training. Well midthru the class when I was giving him a command to sit, he lunged up at me and bit me in the forearm. I was mortified and my son was there to witness the whole thing. I was a smidgen away to taking him back to the shelter and I decided to call another professional trainer. This trainer stated that he bit me out of fear not aggression that I should of never had him in that class so soon (which I didnt know) nor should the trainer of the school have a prong collar on him or ever touch a dog during a command. So I decided to have this trainer continue to come to my house instead. He is walking better on leash, he knows sit, down and take it.

Well last night was his 4th training class. Spike is having a hard time learning "no" he is always jumping on the counters, jumping in the shower and still growling at feeding time. He actually growled at my boyfriend during the session which he never does. Well the trainer after the session believes he may have been taught to fight, how are what are the signs if he was taught to fight. I am just worried about the welfare of my son. The reason the trainer thought this was because spike turned and snapped and grabbed on the leash and when he was told no, he did not release at all. It took a treat to deter him from letting go, if this was a human I am afraid Spike would not let go? Any suggestions please. Thanks for reading
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Re: Hi I am new here!

Postby GoingPostal » Fri Jan 27, 2012 5:58 pm

Well honestly if I were you I'd start the search for another trainer, it doesn't sound like this one is very breed knowledgeable. First off pit bulls aren't "taught" or "trained" to fight anymore than labs need to be taught to retrieve or border collies need to be taught to herd, or hounds to follow scents, it's what they were bred to do and any pit bull regardless of upbringing may be dog aggressive or fight with other dogs. It also has nothing to do with human aggression, there are many dogs from fight busts who are wonderful with people, and some who live with other dogs too. Pit bulls love to grab and hold stuff, if your dog didn't drop the leash, it's probably because he's never been taught a drop it command or was too overwhelmed. You said he was told "no" but dogs don't understand "no" means drop the leash, don't jump on counters and a zillion other things just because we say it, they don't speak english. Is he aggressively biting? A lot of pit bulls are mouthy and haven't been taught inhibition, but it's impossible to say without being there. As far as his growling, is it when you feed him or what?
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Re: Hi I am new here!

Postby spammie » Fri Jan 27, 2012 6:24 pm

Please post this issue in behavior and training section. You need some help PDQ and there are some qualified folks here who can help
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