Greetings from Chicago


Greetings from Chicago

Postby Adrian30 » Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:41 pm

I have admired Bully breeds for quite some time. Currently my wife and I own a 2 yr old male Boston terrier. He is 35lbs of solid muscle, and is even at times mistaken for a small Pit bull. He is tenacious, loyal, and loves all people. He used to be aggressive with smaller dogs, but since maturing out of his puppy stage he seems to be doing much better.

We are currently considering making that step toward pit bull ownership. I am basically looking for any advice that can be given in this regard. How similar is the typical(if there is such a thing) Pit bull personality to how I have described my Boston? Does anyone on the forum own both breeds?

Growing up my family owned a Doberman and my Boston actually plays rougher than our Dobe did. My wife prefers not to play with our boston because of his strength. Unless she says "Leave it" he prefers to play tug of war which she will never win. LOL. How do you think most Pits respond to this type of play? Do they tend to play very rough too? My wife is a bit intimidated by the prospect of a much stronger dog. I am aware that pit bulls can range in size. Can anyone recommend certain smaller lines, in the 40lb range?

I know I have thrown a lot of questions out there, but I would appreciate any feed back on any of the issues raised.
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Re: Greetings from Chicago

Postby spammie » Thu Feb 16, 2012 7:35 pm

Hi and welcome to PBF. I admire the fact you are doing some research before you get another dog.
First, there are some members here who have both breeds. Wackyjacki and Shanda come to mind. Pit bulls tend to play rough, they're medium sized dogs and they're pretty strong. It sounds like your wife may not be comfortable with this. Second, are you prepared to never leave the dogs alone together unsupervised? And there's always the possibility they may never like each other and can't get along. Many of us here manage this issue by using crate and rotate and gates in our homes. Not to be a Debbie Downer, but it's something to consider.
On the bright side, many of our dogs get along fine with other dogs, cats and assorted other critters.
Anyway, it food for thought. Please post your concerns in in the "general" or "behavior/training" section where more eyes will see the post and other opinions may help you.
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