Hello from Portugal

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Hello from Portugal

Postby grchsasha » Sun Feb 26, 2012 11:21 am

Hey there,

My name is Márcia, i'm a pitbull owner and we're from Portugal, so my english isn't perfect but i'll do my best :)

I've always lived with dogs since I was born and I grow up with them, specially with Pit Bulls and Amstaffs. My special company always was a grey pitbull named Guapo (he is not mine but of a friend), he is almost 9 yrs but he is a baby boy, always energic and ready to play :)
I love reptiles too! Wanna have a snake, my favorites: ball python :)

I'm a pitbull and pinscher owner, I have a almost 3 yrs pitbull female named Sasha and a 6 yrs miniature pinscher named Scooby, they're too different, especialy in size LOL but they love eachother :)

Scooby don't have a big story to tell, I bought him when he was 2 months and he continues small as always LOL
For other side, Sasha has a story to tell, she was rescued from dogfighting, she lived in a small hall with no food and no water, her "owner" beat her everyday and trained her to attack cats, dogs and small children. When she came to me she was skinny and scared but quickly got better. Today she is a good girl, she was trained and educated and now she loves children, she loves everyone and she share home with Scooby.. She goes to a dog school to train obedience, dog agility (the sport) and socializing because she can't even see another dog... She is too smart and learns everything to quickly, my objective is her to become more socialized with other dogs, at least I want that she can ignore them... I haven't seen any progress until now and she is registred in school for months ago, but I won't give up.

At the moment I can't have more dogs (because of Sasha too), but someday I'll adopt another adult pitbull... I'll have dogs for the rest of my life :)

Okayy Márcia stop talking, show them the dogss... roflmao

Another point that I would like to talk to you:
Here in Portugal we have BSL too, however, is a little different but not better than yours. Here, Pit Bulls are and are not recognized as a breed, depends on the way that gives more to the politicians. In other words, Pit Bulls are recognized as a breed for can be included on BSL, but they are not recognized as a breed by our single dogs identity, the CPC - Clube Português de Canicultura (Portuguese Kennel Club), that makes him mutts dogs, so, here, there are no real Pit Bull breeders, only backyard breeders, people who just spoil even more this dogs...

Do you know how is our BSL? The restrictions and the permissions? Well, it's possible to have a Pit Bull following the BSL, but the politicians's objective is to extinguish the breed. Here is not the most correct place but I can criate a topic in the right forum to talk you about our BSL.
However, every day born pitbulls to be sold to dog fighting, maltreatment, negligence... Our shelters are full of pitbulls too, we fight for them too, we fight to save them and for their rights but we can't save them all, they are too many...

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Re: Hello from Portugal

Postby spammie » Sun Feb 26, 2012 12:12 pm

Welcome to PBF

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