A better intro


A better intro

Postby Jazzmyster » Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:36 pm

Ok, I read that clogging up the introduction area is frowned upon but seeing that I may have made an improper introduction, let me try again. Hello everyone! I am an owner of a new dog, my first dog to be exact. I am from South West Florida and have been here for going on forty years. I work at a golf course and had officially made it a career after finishing Golf Management school in 2000. I am 12 years married with a step daughter of 19. No I have never owned a dog until about 4 months ago when I met a gentleman that was renting a house on the golf course where I work. The guy actually had two dogs, sisters. I would pass by multiple times during the day and the one dog would run along the fence barking at me. I knew that the dogs were some type of pit bull, so I steered clear knowing only what has been in the news when ever there has been dog problems. Little did I know what to expect the one day I passed by to find that same dog out of the fence and jumping all over me with wet kisses! I fell in love with a dog that had a reputation to the uneducated public as dangerous, mean, and sometimes deadly. The owner was soon to be leaving the rental and mentioned that he might be looking for a good home for the one which just so happened to be the one I fell in love with. I exchanged info with the man and a few months passed to find the rental was then empty. It was hard accepting what had happened now until recieving a call from a lady who had been taking care of that very same dog since the original owner left that rental on the golf course where I work. She had the dog and asked if I was still interested in taking it. There was no hesitation, that dog was mine! I have never owned a dog before so since that time about 3 or 4 months ago I have been taking on the responsibility with no more knowledge than what local pet stores and web sites have been able to provide. She is a two year old brendel pit bull to the best of my knowledge and in good health after establishing her with a local Vet. I am not sure yet as to the exact type of pit due to all of the differences of opinions as to her true type. As far as I can tell due to weight and features, she is an APBT? I have yet to establish photos to download, but hope to in the near future. So, hopefully that is a little better intro, I look forward to sharing my experiences with all of you,
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Re: A better intro

Postby Curly_07 » Sat Apr 21, 2012 8:53 pm

Welcome aboard! I'm a Floridian as well, but from Tampa and Pcola. Read around the training and health sections for some good pointers. Once you both get settled well and want to venture out, central FL has a ton of monthly pit bull events and fun shows you could attend.

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Re: A better intro

Postby Leslie H » Sun Apr 22, 2012 6:36 pm


Perfectly good intro, and welcome.
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