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Hi, I'm Chris and live in Northern New Jersey with my girlfriend and our boxer/pitbull mix Josey. This is the first time either of us have had any type of bully dog. I personally have had a Lab and a Pug and my girlfriend....well this is her first dog haha.

I'm 25 years old and I have had a dog since I was born (my parents had a chow-chow...it wasn't very friendly haha) and since then we've had a dog. When I moved into my apartment with my girlfriend I had to leave my Pug behind with my parents because our apartment didn't allow dogs. This was an unfortunate event, but it worked out well because my father loves dogs and the pug and him got along very well and they still do!

Anyway, a long story short, I finally managed to get approval from my landlord (and girlfriend) to own a dog. We decided we wanted to rescue a dog. After doing some looking around on petfinder to get an idea, we ended up at a shelter in Newark. This is where we found Josey and fell in love with her. She was in the kennel with another dog, and acted well behaved and was quiet. Little did we know...she was a smart little dog and tricked us with her good looks haha.

So, we've had Josey since March and she is currently 1yr and 8mths (rough guess from vet). This is Joseys first home that anyone is aware of. She is very friendly, but still a little bit of trouble, which is why I came to this forum.

I'm hoping to gain and learn more about the breed. Josey has a tendency to mouth...we've had issues house breaking her (but it's finally STARTING to work), her energy level is astronomical (we are looking into daycare for our busy days), and she is a jumper. Primarily when you walk over to her to pet her....she lays down and lets you pet her, BUT as soon as you go to walk away she jumps up right into your face. This isn't acceptable to me or most people. Her vertical leap is quite impressive though hahha. I'm fairly confident I've seen her get to the 5ft mark.

We have taken her to Petsmart to do the 6 week training where she did learn to sit, give paw, lay down. She does these very well...If you have a treat. I haven't been able to correct this yet. Additionally we have had a private trainer who taught us about bell training Josey to go outside (she didn't have an obvious tell) and also to try and help us break her of the jumping. So we ARE trying...it's just taking a lot of time and sometimes a lot of money =(.

Anyway, regardless of the bad we still love our dog. So enough about this fun stuff. If you have questions feel free to pos them and I'll reply (I'm almost always in reach of the internet).

Here's what most of you have been waiting for. Some pics of my dog, Josey.

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