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Re: Duke and Duke's Mama

Postby EmmaLove » Sun Oct 14, 2012 9:31 pm

creiter wrote:Emma's Mama... seriously thank you so much! It is just wonderful to know that someone understands. How is Emma doing now? If you can think of any serious no-no's you did with Emma that I can avoid, or anything that especially worked well, I would love to learn from your experience. I have purchased just about every positive/clicker/behavior adjustment training book out there. I learned quickly not to trust the whole "alpha/dominance/physical force" theories and have stuck to clicker training and showing the dog what he SHOULD do as opposed to setting him up to fail and punishing him for it.

Let me know if anything really worked for you and Emma. Sounds like she is a lucky pooch too! When I think about the chance that Duke had gotten adopted by someone without the patience who might have choosen to give up and euthanize/put him back in a kill shelter, it breaks my heart. So although somedays I wish I had adopted a "NORMAL" puppy (I had originally dreamed of training a therapy dog... not yet given up on that dream of course just extremely delayed haha!), in the end I know that Duke needed me and I, honestly, needed him.

We are a special breed, us dog rescuers! For better or worse ;)

The only no-no's I can think of, it sounds like you're already smart enough to avoid! I followed poor advice and initially used a choke collar and lots of firm corrections. But it doesn't look like Duke has to worry about that, thankfully! :)

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