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I'm Denise and proud 2nd time around pit owner from here in Tennessee.
I was the proud mommy to a boy named Misha who was my heart and he was only second in my heart with my son of course being first. Misha was a rescue at 6 months and a week from being put down. For the next 9 1/2 years he was what kept me going in some pretty tough times. On Sept 9, 2012 at 7:38 am I lost my poor baby when he went into sudden heart failure. I was glad I was able to get my son on the phone (stationed in Italy) to say good bye and Misha gave me a few tail wags at the end. I still miss him so very much.
I had no intention of another dog at any time then I saw and read the story of Dolly. Dolly was a rescue from a drug raid in Georgia. She was completely bald from demodex mange, cherry eye in both eyes, and positive on heart worms. She's white with black spots just like a dalamation and has one blue eye and one brown eye. The rescue was able to do a lot for her and when I went to meet her I fell in love instantly. She is so very sweet and can be very energetic. When I take her out to Lowe's or other places she gets excited and turns a bright shade of pink so everyone think she's been dyed. I'm not sure how much pink will show through once she gets her hair back in. She does tend to get anxious when I leave but the worse she does is scratch the door and leave a little puddle of drool. She will barely leave my side when I'm home to the point she will curl up on the floor while I'm cooking dinner and if I go outside I can see her looking out every window searching for me and she stays in that spot till I move else where. Her one big thing is though is something that took me a couple of weeks to really understand and the rescue hadn't noticed either. I would get home from work and she'd be zonked out on the couch or on my bed and wouldn't budge. At first I thought how great she feels so safe she is in a deep sleep. I finally realized though that she's deaf. At first it bummed me for selfish reasons cause I was so used to having Misha run to greet me when I would get home and here's this dog that I have to go to but she is so smart her internal clock now has adjusted to the times and when I get home she's staring at the door and when I come in she leaps through the air to come to me. It really is weird though that she doesn't make a sound but again something to get used to but also nice cause we move into a house next week and when the neighbors dogs are out barking she can't see them or hear them so people will love that.
She's quickly though becoming a celebrity around town and when we go to Petsmart or Lowe's the employees all come running to see her. Shoppers at Lowe's also comment on her color and when I explain her history and that yes she's a pit they just become amazed and want to pet her cause they only know the biased stories from the media. Once we learn more training then she's going to become a great ambassador to the breed.
I look forward to this site on learning more for training this special girl.
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