Me and my Pitbulls

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Me and my Pitbulls

Postby Madrid559 » Fri Nov 30, 2012 12:25 am

Hello Thank You for taking the time to read my introduction!..
My name is Mike I'm 21 and I'm from Califonia's central valley. Around this time last year me and my family adopted an abandoned pregnant blue nose pit bull. She was in poor condition with a few cuts and bite marks on her we decided to name her Destiny. She is a beautiful blue nose, she became part of the family really fast. She was so grateful for us taking her in she has never caused us any problems and is the sweetest dog that we have ever came in contact with.

When her puppies arrived we decided to keep one of the boys and donated the rest to responsible owners. We named him Cujo! Now with this puppy i have been doing a lot of research of how to raise/take care of/ train/ feed Pitbull puppies, I talked to as many experienced pit bull owners about whats best for these types of dogs. Ive gained a lot of knowledge and tips so far and I am even more excited to be apart of this pit bull forum. :)

I am currently in school for physical therapy, and love exercising my blue nose pit bull destiny by having her pull me on my roller blades. I haven't looked into type of pit she is a APBT or a type of a staff terrier pit bull, or maybe a mix. I know its hard to tell for sure with out documentation and for the fact that she was a stray, but i was just hoping for some knowledge from the wise of what type she maybe. Again thanks for reading sincerely Mike :)
Here are a few pictures I took of Destiny shortly after getting her back healthy.




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Re: Me and my Pitbulls

Postby Leslie H » Sat Dec 01, 2012 10:13 pm


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