Hello from Illinois


Hello from Illinois

Postby Sullysfostermom » Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:22 am

Hello everyone my name is Shelby I live on a farm outside of Geneseo, Il. I just lost my Zeus Dec11th broke my heart he was my first Pitbull and the most amazing dog anyone could ask for. Losing him was incredibly hard and I feel like I need some time before I find my next furbaby,so I decided to try fostering for a local Pitbull rescue. Sully's my first foster he came Sat the 12th.He's a 50lb puppy and he's GREAT so far.He's Very Loving and full of Energy.Were working on manners which honestly the last couple of days are improving he has learned sit and today we worked a lil bit on lay down he's really smart and picks up fast but it's a chore to keep him focused lol. He has a lot to learn but he's a very SWEET LOVING boy! I joined this forum to meet and learn from other Pitbull lovers! Well I'm gonna get off here for now!Looking forward to hearing from everyone and especially would love to hear from and get advice from others who foster!
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Re: Hello from Illinois

Postby Curly_07 » Thu Jan 17, 2013 2:34 am

:welcome: Thank you for fostering! Many of us here work with rescue and foster all types of animals, especially Pit Bulls. Please be sure to check out the Training section for tips with him...especially the "2 weeks, give em a break!" thread, and NILF (Nothing in life is free) thread. You may also enjoy the Rescue section as well for some fostering tips and such. Feel free to post your fosters in that section with the Rescue's info and adoption requirements.

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