Search and Rescue Pit Bull


Search and Rescue Pit Bull

Postby tarosar » Wed Mar 06, 2013 2:30 pm

1. My basic stats, including location without getting too specific.
I'm a college teacher and professor in California. I'm in my late 20s.
2. My history with the breed and how I got into it.
I have never had a pit bull type dog until now. I got into it only because the dog I have is considered a pit bull.
3. What I like about the breed.
Courage, tenacity, athleticism, goofiness, what's not to like?!
4. My own dog.
I answered a Craigslist ad in the summer of 2012. It was for an "EARS DONE BLUE-NOSED GIRL". Saw the pup, was impressed, and brought her home that afternoon. I confess I didn't know much about "responsible dog ownership" and most likely my pup was backyard-bred. She was this 10 week-old sweetie. She had her ears cropped but it didn't take anything away from her. I asked questions like how long was she with her litter, her parents, and so on. She and her sister, who was later sold also on Craigslist, was bred from a friend's dog. He couldn't keep them (supposedly?) because of apartment restrictions.
5. My APBT-related interests (the obedience, agility, etc., and our goals for the future).
I took her to puppy class and had a wonderful time. We were trained by Animal Behavior College graduates here in SoCal. After she got her puppy star I began her in free obedience classes around here because now she's training exclusively for CARDA (California Rescue Dog Association), which is a volunteer search and rescue group. I had intended her for flyball or but she was too young at the time and would need agility courses to supplement. I decided that SAR was something worth checking out. Once my training group leader saw my 4-5 month-old pup tear the crap out of a stuffed animal she was impressed. I was so nervous she'd be rejected since I know little about selecting a working dog, but we were accepted into training. My pup shows great drive and desire to work. The APBT hard-headedness and all-or-nothing attitude really pays off in SAR. She's not a super "I need to be working or I'll rip your couch" dog like other dogs I've seen, but she can be if I don't keep her busy! It's hard for her to give up once she puts her mind to it. And she's doing great in search work because of that. She's a trailing dog like the Bloodhounds you see on cartoons. We'll be training for quite some time, and hopefully we'll get our certification in 2 years.

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Re: Search and Rescue Pit Bull

Postby CallSignOWL » Thu Mar 07, 2013 9:55 am

awesome! :hi
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Re: Search and Rescue Pit Bull

Postby bethh » Thu Mar 07, 2013 12:11 pm

She's beautiful.
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Re: Search and Rescue Pit Bull

Postby Leslie H » Thu Mar 07, 2013 8:56 pm

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