Hello from the Road Trippers


Hello from the Road Trippers

Postby Traveler1979 » Thu May 30, 2013 11:40 am

1. My basic stats, including location without getting too specific.
Well, as my user name states, I am a traveler. I love to road trip, explore new places and I always, ALWAYS have my girls with me. I am currently in South Carolina and we love it!
I am 33, I have 2 furbabies who are my life. Soxie who is about 8 yrs old and Isis, who has just turned 5.

2. My history with the breed and how I got into it.
Before I Isis, no one in my family had ever had a dog bigger than a Springer Spaniel so no one knew what to think when I finally decided on a dog. I did my research on personality traits that are generally attributed to a particular breed. I narrowed it down to about 2 different types of dogs. A Bernese Mtn Dog and an American Pit Bull Terrier. I knew it was unlikely for me to find a purebred but that really wasn't what I was after. I wanted a companion to keep me from getting too lonely. (It worked, btw)
I was about 5 months pregnant when I found Isis. I was living alone, had moved to the area not too long before, and I worked... that was it. I hadn't met anyone to talk to or hang out with... so, I searched for my dog. One day, I was going to Walmart to get my groceries when I saw a long line of people selling dogs. I didn't think anything of it, having just learned about a few dogs that would be perfect for me. The first set of puppies were these adorable, bug eyed Boston Terriers! Omg, how cute were they! Smaller too, they would fit everywhere. Buuuuuuut, the owners wanted $450 and that was just too much out of my price range. The next ones were lab puppies and i just skipped that group, not my preferences, though they were cute bundles of fur.
Then, I saw him. The most beautiful dog I had ever seen! A large, white, thick chested, bowling ball headed Pit Bull. I think I lost my heart right then and there. I walked right up to him and started loving on him, regardless of the fact that his owner was right there... I got some strange looks and was asked what I was doing. I just said, I wanted to see his natural tolerance for handling. Owner shrugged his shoulders and went back to talking to some kids.
I had pretty much done everything possible to that dog without getting out of hand when I looked at the puppies. Omg.
They were so cute and roly poly! Every one of them was a red head with black and white markings. I started picking up puppies. I cuddled them then put them back. Each one just wasn't right. Then, I picked up a puppy with black rings around her eyes. I cuddled her and she burrowed into my armpit, puller her head out and looked at me, yawned and promptly went to sleep. Right then, I knew she had chosen me.
(At this time, I did not know what a backyard breeder was, I will not repeat that mistake but I am glad I did this time)
As I was waiting to negotiate with the guy, (Never accept initial price) I was looking at her sleeping in my arms and thought, wow, you went a little overboard with the eye liner, didn't you? That's it! I knew her name. It is Isis, named after the Egyptian Goddess of Light and Fertility. Isis was so beautiful, even as a roly poly puppy. I paid for her and asked the guy to hold her for me while I went into walmart to get dog stuff.
He did, I came out, got Isis, and we went home. I never did get my groceries. That was the start of my Pit Bull journey. I have never regretted it, not for one second.
3. What I like about the breed.
What I like about the breed is that no matter what their history, these dogs keep trying to love and be loved. That is all they want. They are willing to do whatever it takes to make us happy and they get used for that... What I love about this breed and no matter how many pit bulls I meet, I have yet to meet one that isn't my new best friend. Even the ones who are afraid or aggressive, with patience and persistance, they will give me, a stranger, a try.
4. My own dog.
I have two. I have had Isis for just over 5 years. She is the one I have had the longest, even over all other breeds and species. Isis came to me at 5 weeks old from a backyard breeder and is, as far as I know, the only one from her litter still alive. She has saved my life and I will do everything to protect hers. Soxie, I have had for almost 2 years. My brother and sister-in-law brought her to me in terrible condition. She was thin, scared, over-bred and under loved. She was very dog aggressive and absolutly terrified of loud noises and the broom. I don't know exactly what she went through before I got her but Since I have had her, she has grown emotionally, physically, and has become the perfect family dog. I believe that she is close to 8 years old due to her being slow from getting up in the morning, her inability to make the jump to my bed at night most nights, how much white she has around her eyes, and how worn down her teeth are. Her vet has confirmed that it is very possible that Soxie is between 7 and 9 years old. I don't know how much longer I will have with her but I will make sure she has the most loving and content home possible. She is my adorable little old lady and she has taken to grooming our 3 cats as well.
5. My APBT-related interests (the obedience, agility, etc., and our goals for the future).
As for activities, I have been looking for a local CGC certification group for me to take Soxie through. I believe she will make an amazing therapy dog but one step at a time. As for Isis, if I had any idea how to get her to behave long enough to do agility, I think she would do great. She is fast, energetic quick to learn but has a severe squirrel complex. She gets distracted so easily. Isis is already CGC certified but we need a refresher course.
6. My unrelated interests, including my other pets
My other fur babies are 3 cats, all litter mates. Jeeter is my biggest, he has short black fur and yellow/green eyes. He is the most vocal and is usually the first to get affectionate with someone. He is also the most tolerant of all the cats. He will mess with Isis just to get her to chase him and he tried playing with Soxie but she wasn't having that. My next cat is Q, yes, named after a Star Trek character. He is my fuzzy buddy. He loves my bf but comes to me for attention and affection. He has medium to long black/brown fur and green eyes. He has a very adorable meow squeek. Isis loves to chase him because he won't jump up where she can't get him. He will run up the stairs and after she follows, will fun back down the stairs. He is my ham. Then there is Perfect. She is a daddy's girl all the way. She definatly prefers the bf but has been warming up to me, since I spend more time with her, feed her, clean her littler box. I have more time to spend with her and it shows in her behavior. She is the smallest of the 3 cats, I believe Jeeter is about 8 lbs, Q I think is 5lbs and Perfect is a dainty 4... She also has the softest fur. She is a dark tortishell with beautiful clover green eyes and also had the cutest little kitten meow.

I do not have a blog and I can't find my videos at this time but I will post them when I find them.

I do have copious amounts of pictures of my dogs and a few of the cats that I would love to upload but can't figure out how to do that at this time. Once I figure it out, I will share them too!
Thanks for reading
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Re: Hello from the Road Trippers

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