I'm new to the forum


I'm new to the forum

Postby mbcrh56 » Fri Aug 09, 2013 6:25 pm

Hi, My name is Maria. I live in NJ with my husband and son. We have a total of five pit bulls. Two are males and three are females. My son mated his male (Thunder) to my female (Angel). She had six puppies but one of them was stillborn. We found three homes for the puppies and we kept two of them. My son kept a male (Duke) and my husband kept a female (Precious). The other female (Autumn), that my son has, is a sister to Angel. Our dogs are show dogs with the pit bull show circuit. Many people where I live are afraid of pits. I wear a pit bull type shirt everyday. Many of the people would ask me about the pit bulls that we have. They tell me that they are afraid of them and would never go near them. I try telling them that it is the way they are raised. You could have any breed being vicious. It is all about treating and raising a breed the proper way.
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Re: I'm new to the forum

Postby Curly_07 » Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:51 pm

:welcome: Are you a breeder, or was that an oops litter? We only allow responsible reputable breeders in the forum, as this is mostly a pro rescue forum that promotes responsible dog ownership and recognizes the need for breeders, but only the responsible reputible kind.

Here is what we consider a responsible breeder:

If you would like full access, please post some more about yourself. There's a sample sticky at the top of this section to help you out with what we like to know.
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Re: I'm new to the forum

Postby haranka » Sun Aug 11, 2013 2:41 am

welcome 8)
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