Hi, from San Antonio!


Hi, from San Antonio!

Postby CrystalS » Sun Aug 11, 2013 5:39 pm

Hello, My name is Crystal. I am 30 and live in San Antonio, Texas with my husband, 3 daughters and 2 dogs. We have a 3 1/2 year old brindle blue nose pit that my husband found when she was about 6 weeks old. She was dumped in a wooded area near one of his jobsites, he works in construction. He immediately called me and told me to come pick up this sick puppy and take her to the vet. It took us about 2 days to decide if we would keep her because of the horrible stigma we all know pits have. :po: Having 3 young children it was a decision we could not take lightly. Knowing that since we had rescued her, she would be loyal to us. BEST DECISION WE HAVE EVER MADE. She is the sweetest, most adorable dog in the world. We have a 1 1/2 year old mini schnauzer as well. She is a total brat compared to our Sadie.

We became fosters to two 4 week old pit puppies yesterday. Their mother was rescued from a fighting ring and they had to separate her from her litter because she was extremely dog reactive and was beginning to get aggressive with her puppies. These precious puppies are the reason I joined this forum. :)
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Re: Hi, from San Antonio!

Postby Nickdawg » Sun Aug 11, 2013 11:55 pm

hi Crystal! welcome! thanks for taking on the pups and keeping your girl back then. there are lots of knowledgable helpful folks here, but photos are required first ;)
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Re: Hi, from San Antonio!

Postby Curly_07 » Sat Aug 17, 2013 8:55 am

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