Hey, wanted to say hello, I am a BRAND new pitbull owner!


Hey, wanted to say hello, I am a BRAND new pitbull owner!

Postby MarlesDog » Thu Jan 30, 2014 1:58 am

My name is Michael and I started with cockers as a child and at 14 got my first Siberian, she was very alpha and I trained her at a local trainer and then I started working at a commercial dog kennel training dogs. Now I never really liked pit bulls because every one I came across just wanted to use what god gave them, kill a cat, fight a dog, run as fast as they can never moderate, just go go go all the time and I felt they were chaotic and stubborn and that to me was a bad combination.

Well I live in Olympia, WA and when you go downtown there are a lot of street kids with pit bulls and they spend every second of everyday with them, I know them all and I am really impressed. They spend all day and night on the streets, some have hotel rooms, one keeps his girl in her crate in the room, it was pretty neat to walk in his hotel room and see Bella in the crate, that was a first, pit bull in a hotel room haha.

Not all of the dogs downtown are pits, but most are, blue nose, red nose, and a lot of mixes. I noticed the pit bulls don't fight with each other or other dogs ever, but they get attacked a lot and when people see them simply defending themselves really gently by not killing the smaller dog and just pinning it they act like the dog is a savage when what I saw was a very nice doggy. This happens 2-3 times a year in my experience, I'll be going about my life and I'll see a bigger dog get attacked by a smaller one and the bigger dog looks like the bad guy when it was the darn yapper the whole time.

I became a housy again a few years ago and finally decided I deserved a dog in my life... I was dead set on a GSD female... and I have no idea why, I think I remember my neighbors a few houses down and how powerful it was... it felt like a wolf was around me, later I found out wolves were bred into GSD stock by the creator of the breed.

I was on craigslist and I was searching german shepherds when I found a male german shepherd bull mastiff mix... named Marley, he is sooooooo smart. I had him for about 4 months before getting another bull mastiff pitbull mix... We have had Ashley for 3 days now, the first day we got her she was chewing on the curtains and I gave her a little two finger tap on the butt it wasn't meant to work, just be the first imprint in her little psyche, she's only 8 weeks. Next thing I know marley catches her doing it again and he flies up and off the bed into the air and lands with two paws RIGHT next to her head and looks at her and she sits back and looks at him and he mosies around and gets back up onto the bed.

Then she does it again, and he did the SAME thing, and a third time, took three times than she finally stopped, my gf was shocked, said she wouldn't have really fully comprehended how intelligent he appeared if she didn't see it for herself. Marley is sooo gentle and sooo smart, and tough too.. my gf right into his side while riding her bike because I stopped with him and she wasnt looking, he didn't seem to care much, he eats squirrels whole, fur and all(one broke its back and I slit its throat and fed it to him).

The 8 week old pup is FULLY POTTY TRAINED IN 5 MINUTES! It is FREEZING out, so I set her outside and shut the door on her lol, she ran 3 paces and peed and I whipped open that door and she came running in lol. It took me 3-4 times of closely monitoring her actions to see when she was having a bowel movement and now she will walk UP TO THE DOOR and WHINE! She's been weened for 3 days from her mom, she's 8 weeks old, bullmastiff pit mix all white with one blue eye and I named her Ashley. She is all love.

I feel really silly that I hadn't realized the breeds incredible amount of intelligence and patience until owning my own. I realize though how without a master this breed would go psychotic. I am with my two dogs every second of everyday, they are with me now, puppy at my feet marley on the couch, and marley still wanders off sometimes, wants to go for one last fetch, or decides he doesn't want to go for one last fetch, but to me, thats just his way of communicating with me, sometimes I'll give in but usually I don't and I'm very firm and he usually doesn't try more than twice...

It's really cute actually because we have a kiddie pool outside my door that I water the plants from for the nutrients from the pond scum and when I'm walking inside sometimes he'll act like he's coming in behind me and then walk sideways passed the doorway like "see-ya, you didn't need anything right" and I'll yell, "Marley, get in here, comon, and he'll turn around like he's coming and walk right passed it again, thats when I stick my head out and give him a quick, "HEY!" while I'm looking at his butt trotting away from me and he'll turn around and come right now, he only ever tries anything twice though, it's kind of cute. Like I said, these dogs are so smart and so capable, I believe they are being tortured and going crazy from being locked alone too long, no human interaction, negative reinforcement... literally all forms of torture.

I know what I put into my dogs and what I get out of them... and I couldn't imagine putting any less into them, they are barely ok as it is and constantly riding that fine line of too much energy even though I run Marley 10 miles a day on my bike as fast as he can go, the second we get home and I let him off the tether to the bike to grabs a stick! I can never understand how he does it. I get a kick out of people who say to exercise your dog if they have too much energy, obviously they have never exercised or they would know exercising increases your energy.

If you want you dog to be docile feed him/her a high sugar food and never get them too excited and they will always be sluggish =P

I'm 27, 28 in March and I was 225lbs 5 months ago and after getting Marley I am now 175lbs, I no longer ingest Sugar, Wheat, Salt, Soy or Cow Milk. I haven't smelled things I have smelled recently since I was 10 years old, my back used to feel like I got slapped with a two x four across the back forever until I cut the sugar out.

Sorry for rambling, I took a lot of psilocybin mushrooms a long time ago and realized we were all one with split personality and I was talking to different versions of myself kind of became a recluse so this is the first time I ever reached out on a forum board on the internet for awhile. I hope to hears tons of funny stories and learn about all of the ins and outs of pit bulls. I don't prefer purebred pitbulls because of their size, I really like bull mastiffs because I require a dog with endurance and agility and they have the bulldog genetics, but pitbulls aren't big enough to protect themselves or myself from bigger breeds.

I've watched, remember I was a dog trainer at a professional boarding kennel which housed over 250 dogs and I was responsible for all of them. I've watched an 85 lb rotty and a 70lb pit get into it and have the akita walk up and pin them both at the same time like it was fun, the rotty by the back of the neck pushed down onto his belly and the pit was held down with his forearm, and they couldn't get up. I was happy I didn't have to break it up, the akita was Bear, and I loved that dog, scared of him too, everyone was and he knew it and he loved us. Granted Bear weighed 140lbs, but that is my point, there are much bigger dogs out there than pitbulls. I wouldn't be able to take watching my dog get killed and not being able to stop it, so I feel so much more comfortable riding my bike with my two bullmastiffs =)


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Re: Hey, wanted to say hello, I am a BRAND new pitbull owner

Postby MarlesDog » Thu Jan 30, 2014 2:37 pm

Forgot to mention, I got Marley when he was 12 weeks old, so he is 7-8 months now. My other hobbies include writing(I'm an author), watching Alex Jones on the Ron Gibson channel on youtube, search ron gibson and then his channel has daily rebroadcast of the best infowar news you could get, tending my cannabis plants it's legal in Washington state and I have my green card to grow, I have two Space Dawg, one dutch treat, and two White Russian, just harvested two dutch treat that I'm using for medicine now. A major hobby of mine is staying healthy, I don't put anything into my body that I don't want to. I feed my plants with pond water, not miracle grow, I know what I'm smoking =) I come from a martial arts family, I was adopted by my uncle at 6 months old after receiving a burn in my mothers care, he just returned from Vietnam where he learned Moo-Duk-Kwan in Changmai, Thailand, belt system was white blue brown and black, and it was Tae Kwon Do, but traditional one-hit kill type, koreans killed 5 times more people with hand to hand combat than they did with bullets during the korean war. I can't remember being alive without having a mindset to survive and defend. I used to steal my mothers nunchuckas from the workout room which used to be my sisters before they converted it into what they called the workout room but what was really the trophy room. I love nunchuckas, and throwing knives, I can throw ANY KNIFE even a butter knife into a round pole or 4x4 from >20 ft away =) with the half rotation technique, its the only one I know. You hold the blade side and let it slide out of your grip instead of flipping it so that it only rotates 1/2 way. I'm pretty good with my chucks too I must say. I can't double chuck because I never wanted to, I prefer having a hand free, but I'm good with my left or right. I like watching new movies when they come out, I'm not the type that watches movies over and over again unless they are ones from my childhood that I watched with my dad, I'll watch those anytime and not mind it. I used to love turner and hooch, K-9, homeward bound, all the rest, my dad was a big action movie buff and had ALL of them.. and I'm not kidding, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, and I'm talking EVERY MOVIE THEY MADE from Laughing Hyena to Rumble in the Bronx, Jet Li, Chuck Norris (good guys wear black), Steven Segal, Van Damme, Brandon Lee, Benny the Jet, Superfoot Bill Wallace, Jeff Speakman, David Caridine?SP?,ganny glover, mel gibson, arnold swarzennegger, stallone ( love tango and cash), kurt russell, wesley snipes, so many more, we had them ALL, every movie ever made by all of them, thousands.

We live on a small 2 acre plot of land in the middle of Lacey just on the outskirts of Olympia, WA, we have two chickens that Marley doesn't chase, a huge black walnut tree in the middle of the yard, tons of Sun, and lots of fun! The second I wake up I turn the grow lights on, feed the dogs, jump in the tub to soak my feet and get my circulation going, then I get out and eat a bowl of soup everyday, with no salt in it, homemade, and a grapefruit and then we go for a bike ride! When we get home we eat some more and take a nap, get up and train and play and they nap for the rest of the day while I write my books. Only way I could get any writing done was to take marley out asap everyday and tire him out.


More Seeds than ANYTHING ELSE IN YOUR DIET! Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds
Then Nuts Walnuts, Almonds
Then Berries Blueberries, blackberries
Then Fruit grapefruit, green apples, avocadoes
Then eat a really fat peice of meat once or twice a week, with tons of fat all over it, the more marble the better, chicken fat is great too! YOU NEED FAT for your brain and other things.


EVERYONE IS DYING IN AMERICA OF YEAST INFECTION ALL THROUGHOUT BODY AND THEY ARE CALLING IT THE FLU! CANDIDA IS NOT THE FLU, anyone with this new pneumonia caused from the flu is actually purging there body of yeast through their lungs and not their nose due to nasal decongestants not letting us purge the yeast from the cows milk, cow meat, shredded wheaties, wheat things, wheat is in EVERYTHING we eat, and SUGAR FEEDS YEAST! Sugar and Wheat are 2/3rds the american diet. THE BRITISH ARE KILLING US ON PURPOSE.
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Re: Hey, wanted to say hello, I am a BRAND new pitbull owner

Postby MarlesDog » Fri Oct 17, 2014 8:28 am

Actually, the pup turned out to be a bull terrier not a bull mastiff, and she could handle a bull mastiff with ease. I had a steep learning curve but I managed. And you need to eat Fish, 70% of your diet needs to be fish the other 30% can be a mixture of dandelions, plantain, nuts, seeds, avocados and similar.
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Re: Hey, wanted to say hello, I am a BRAND new pitbull owner

Postby haranka » Thu Oct 30, 2014 12:33 pm

Hello 8)
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Re: Hey, wanted to say hello, I am a BRAND new pitbull owner

Postby Frances122xsh » Thu Nov 06, 2014 3:18 am

Blog is very interesting and I learned a lot, it is very important to me.Thanks for your sharing,funny and fantastic!
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Re: Hey, wanted to say hello, I am a BRAND new pitbull owner

Postby Halle36pdd » Fri Nov 07, 2014 12:52 am

Wa,it's so great of your doggy,good boy!
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Re: Hey, wanted to say hello, I am a BRAND new pitbull owner

Postby MarlesDog » Tue Nov 25, 2014 5:27 am

Frances122xsh wrote:Blog is very interesting and I learned a lot, it is very important to me.Thanks for your sharing,funny and fantastic!

Hey I found out a lot more... better info...

Chlorophyll is identical on a molecular level to hemoglobin which comprises 95% of your red blood cells, the only difference is that the center atom on a chlorophyll molecule is magnesium and the center of hemoglobin is iron. Magnesium is ESSENTIAL to get calcium into your bones, DON'T DRINK MILK WHATEVER YOU DO IT WILL SHATTER YOUR BONES!!!! You need a 2-1 phosphorus to calcium ration and milk has a 2-1 calcium to phosphorus ratio.

Eating greens oxygenates your body, only drink water, nothing else.

I ALMOST FORGOT, THE FISH@@!!! You need omega 3, LOTS OF shrimp, tons of shrimp salad, mince dandelions, plantain, green onions, speedwell, and make your own dressing with vinegar and grapeseed oil and add salt, black pepper, salt free mrs dash, and tumeric, dump the shrimp on and dump the dressing on and LIVE STRONG!
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