Situation worse because Broncos are losing


Situation worse because Broncos are losing

Postby Go4word » Sun Feb 02, 2014 9:55 pm

So we have 5 dogs. Yeah, I know we're "hoarders" but save that for another therapy session. I only say that because I want to make it clear we "know" dogs. In that group we have a Shepherd/Chow, an American Bulldog and the Pit mix (maybe lab?), terrier/poodle and a chihuahua/rat terrier mix. (Yes, the chihuahua completely owns the other dogs). Lately the Pit has been lunging at the terrier/poodle whenever people food is in the vicinity. They are fine at the food bowl which is full and available all the time ( We have NEVER had an issue at the food bowl and have done this for over 10 years). They each even wait sweetly for their turn when we hand out snacks.

That said, here are some possible triggers that I would love realistic suggestions given as to how to handle this:

1. We now have to give the terrier canned food because he has no teeth. I lock him in the bathroom so as not to have a fight over that..duh.

2. The terrier has always been "Momma's dog". He is not neutered. He sleeps on the bed and is always my shadow. Pit can't sleep on the bed because of size and he tends to eats things when not supervised. He seems to enjoy his kennel though so no issues there.

3. When the Pit does this, we put him in his kennel. I know I'm going to get that putting him in his kennel for punishment and bed is not great but I am at a lost for what else to do for "punishment"? Could the fact he gets punished because of his behavior towards the terrier be making this more of a problem? Don't get me wrong, sometimes the terrier provokes (stupid dog....) and we don't punish the Pit when the terrier starts it. Only when the Pit is being a dork.

I just don't know what to do. We were watching the Super Bowl and eating on the couch. The dogs (4 of them) were with us and (seemingly out of nowhere to any of us ), the Pit lunged across the couch at the terrier. No food was given to either dog, only humans were eating. The terrier is never injured but we are worried that it will only take once considering no teeth terrier is 12 pounds and Pit/Lab is fully loaded with all his teeth and weighs 65 pounds.

Would love help...guidance...suggestions...sanity?
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Re: Situation worse because Broncos are losing

Postby GoingPostal » Sun Feb 02, 2014 10:46 pm

OK well dogs don't think like people, putting him in the kennel for punishment isn't accomplishing anything at all. How old is the pit mix, often this becomes an issue at maturity. Pit bulls take very little encouragement to start a scuffle, they think a fight is great fun and the answer to just about any trigger, resources, over excitement and some are flat out dog aggressive but often not to all dogs. You have two same sex terriers who it sounds like don't get along great, which is not super shocking. You can try heavily managing the situation, no people food out, put one or both of the dogs up when you do but don't be surprised if it starts tilting over to other circumstances, ie just because the food bowl hasn't been an issue yet doesn't mean it won't become one. It may turn to aggression towards your other dogs as well. You need to really watch body language and how the dogs are interacting, intervene if you see anything inappropriate.

Most of us with multiple dogs never have resources out for free game, too easy to become a trigger for guarding and fights. Usually once fighting starts between dogs we recommend crate and rotate for safety, you can't force dogs to get along and better to keep everyone safe, happy and separate then let someone get injured, especially when you are looking at such a size/age difference. Getting a knowledgeable trainer involved might help but choose carefully, they aren't created equal.

These sites have some good info on multi dog homes as well.
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Re: Situation worse because Broncos are losing

Postby AllisonPitbullLvr » Mon Feb 03, 2014 1:49 pm

Hi Go4word. Not many members check here in the Intro section but there is a wealth of info in the other sections which I can give you access to as soon as you post a proper intro for us.

Sample here!
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