Hello For Portland Oregon


Hello For Portland Oregon

Postby yearofthedog » Sat Feb 15, 2014 12:06 am

Hello everyone,
We live in Portland Oregon with the newest member of our household Chloe an APBT. I found Chloe as I was heading into work. Poor thing must have been scavenging for a quite a while - given how scrawny and emaciated she was. I headed back home, gave her some food and water and waited for County dog services to open so I could bring her in...two hours later I was in love. Sooo when I dropped her off at dog services I let them know that I would adopt her if no one claimed her or did not want to adopt her.

We've had her here for a week now and I am realizing that it will take much more time than I thought to help her understand how to live in a house, sit, stay, not jump, and housebreaking. She is eager to please, so as soon as we start speaking the same language I hope that everything else will start falling into place. :)

Our dog of 4 years is a retired racing greyhound who is 8 years old and infinitely patient, thank goodness! He is a 40 mile an hour couch potato that prefers to relax in his bed staring at you with soulful eyes rather than go for a hike. :)

For Chloe, I am interested in obedience training, general information about the breed, crate training, long term solutions on how to keep her from getting bored, and what to do for her strong desire to chew-- is there anything out there that lasts more than 3 minutes!!??

When I am not housebreaking a new pet I enjoy lapidary work, board games, a good cocktail, a great meal, good friends and a nice hike in the gorgeous greenery that Portland has to offer. I'm hoping that I've touched on all the highlights of a decent introduction...Please feel free to ask questions!
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Re: Hello For Portland Oregon

Postby haranka » Thu Feb 20, 2014 5:39 am

Hello to Portland 8)
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Re: Hello For Portland Oregon

Postby jamielvsaustin » Thu Feb 20, 2014 10:50 am

Not a decent intro-a perfect one! :welcome: to the forum :)

Personally I like antlers (I have a friend that sells them)...but they make some people nervous as it's basically bone on bone when your dog chews them. Currently the benefits outweigh the disadvantages for us...if that changes drastically, we'll reconsider.

Also I like Kong products. Their strength is determined by their color-black being the strongest. I find, if your dog can tear up the black Kongs (which my dogs have-they're tenacious) then just go up one from the recommended size. Also, we have known/heard about goughnuts for a long time but never looked into them. We got one this past Christmas and LURV it. I think you get one free replacement once the toy is ruined. Ours is the green, and it changes to red if they toy is no longer considered "safe" to play with. I believe they too have black and it's a stronger rubber. We also like the West Paw Hurley (the others aren't strong enough-tizzi, bumi, tux, jive) toy (another you can send back for a one time replacement if it gets ruined). Extra Large nylabones or the galileo bone (I think the one we got is a Souper size) is a hit in our house. There are a couple websites I like to shop around on for the best price-I'll share them with you.

www.dogsupplies.com (awesome $4 bin area)
www.petflow.com *
www.pitbullprincess.com (pricey)
www.valuepetsupplies.com *
www.yourdogsuppliesstore.com *
www.entirelypets.com *
www.dog.com *
www.healthypets.com *
www.doggiefood.com *
www.baxterboo.com *

The ones with asterisks I haven't bought from yet (but I keep them on my list).

Again-welcome to the forum, I hope we're exactly what you're looking for :)
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