Pits and other dogs


Pits and other dogs

Postby givepitsachance08 » Fri May 16, 2014 2:10 pm

Hello, all.

I was registered here 2 years ago, but forgot all of my info, so this is my new name.

I know that this had to be asked before, but how are pit and pit mixes with other dogs?

There is a 2 year old female, pit bull/ GSD mix that I am interested in adopting who lives with a small poodle mix. I have two very small, 10 lb dogs, and was wondering if she would eat them? The owner is moving and can't find a pit friendly apartment, and I want to adopt her. I will meet them in a week or 2 to see if she gets along with my young male poodle mix (funny, isn't it?). If they get along, I will probably take her.

What do you think?
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Re: Pits and other dogs

Postby jamielvsaustin » Mon May 19, 2014 8:08 am

It's a toss up. You could have a dog that gets along great with other dogs. You could have a dog that doesn't like other dogs-but likes the dogs in its household. You could have a dog that absolutely hates other dogs. The bottom line is-if you're not open to the idea of crate and rotate (and it doesn't necessarily have to be a crate-it can be a room, or a room divided by baby gates) then you should not get another dog. This is possible with any breed of dog (and given the size difference, there could be some serious damage)...but look at where these dogs came from. For YEARS they were bred to fight one another. Likely the dog you're looking at, or even that dog's parents weren't bred to fight but it is my belief that likelihood of dog aggression (or animal aggression in general, neither of which correlate to human aggression btw) is greater with a PB. I'm sure you've seen herding dogs that were never trained to herd, herd. Or retrievers retrieve. And I'm also sure you've seen (or at least been aware of) breeds bred for specific reasons having no interest in retrieving or herding...or whatever the case may be. You have to be aware that the possibility is there. If it's not something you want to deal with-don't risk it.
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