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My name is Susan and I am the "Mom" to Luna- she is a 8 month old female spayed pit. She is a mix of a bluenose dad and red nose Mom. This is the first time I have had a dog and we got her when she was 2 months old. She has added such joy to my life! We know both of her parents and my adult daughter interacted regularly with her from the time Luna was born. Luna loved to run around, but also is very mellow and loves to lounge on the couch with the family. She goes to daycare for 6 hours one or two days a week. She does not bother my 2 cats at all.( 14 yo male and 4 year old female) We are thinking about getting another pitbull soon. Luna does not have any issues with dog aggression, toy aggression and loves every person she meets. We have a play date set up for tomorrow with a prospective dog up for adoption. "Angel" is currently in foster care and is about 1 year old. She is spayed and lives in her foster home with 4 other dogs and many cats and kids. I do not know much about her history, but I will ask more tomorrow. I do know that she was rescued from a "Crack house" I of course will be asking more specifics about that. I also know her left ear is permanently disfigured because her previous owners tried to crop her ears with rubber band I am looking for guidance. What questions should I ask besides the obvious ones? WHat behaviors should I watch for during the playdate? The foster mom is willing to let me take angel for a few weeks and if it does not work out I can return her. Of course I will not be taking her tomorrow- I am hoping to bring Angel for a visit to my home to see how sh e does here before we start the adoption process.Thanks for your time!
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welcome to the forum.

I don't know that I would recommend a same sex adoption. You need to remember that your Luna is very young and dog aggression can develop as she gets closer to maturity (same with the potential adoptee).
Sometimes two females is not a good mix.

This is a great link with lots of great links within about dog tolerance levels, multidog homes, keeping the peace etc. http://www.badrap.org/node/99

edited to add the multi dog link in there is broken - here is the exact page http://www.badrap.org/node/96

you may want to wait until Luna is older to see if she would do well with another dog in the home or chose an older dog to add whose dog tolerance at maturity is known.
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