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Hi folks, I am new here, of course, and I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Terri and I've had Pit Bulls in my family for more years than I can remember.
I currently am owned by 3 rescue dogs that probably have some bull dog in them. First there was JJ. He's definitely got some pit in him but has a lot of traits that fit the description of Rhodesian Ridgeback. Intensely focused, just not always on me and has a prey drive that's hard to control. He came to us as a foster child and from an abusive, neglectful situation. He had (and still has) some issues. He can be a jerk, but then turn around and melt your heart. After almost a year with no one wanting to adopt him, we said that's it. His forever home is here. And we love him dearly, good and bad. In his defense he was only about 8 months old when we got him and is almost 2 years now, so he has settled down some and we wouldn't give him up for the world and all the diamonds in it.
Then there's Beau. We adopted him from a picture on a website that said he was a boxer mix. And that may be true. But when we went to pick him up, our eyes widened, we turned to each other and said "We're going to need a bigger doggie door." We think he is mixed with St Bernard. A more perfect dog was never found. He's a gentle giant, full of love. He loves all people, but especially children. He just shivers with excitement when he sees a child or a friend. When we are home we are expected to be touching him.
And last, but certainly not least is Charlie. Also advertised as a pit bull mix, but he looks more American Bulldog to me. I've always had American Pit Bull Terriers and they are medium sized dogs. Charlie weighs 80 Lbs. He is our clown and my companion and bed partner. Charlie was also a foster, for a short time. But it was love at first hug. Such a face! and such a sweet, sweet boy.
I stumbled upon this forum, because Pit Bulls are a passion of mine and BSL sucks scissors. I helped for a time with adoption events for the rescue Group that JJ came from and was starting to get really involved when, pretty much, out of the blue, the rescue shut down. A good core group of us were so heartbroken about it, that we all got together and decided to get another Pit Bull rescue group going. We are in our infancy stage, haven't even learned to crawl. We have elected our board members. We have filed the paperwork for non-profit corp and the next thing will need to be our 501(c)3, so we can start having some fund raisers that will be tax deductible. We already have some businesses lined up that are eager for a charity to sponsor, one of them did a fundraiser last year for the old rescue and raised $1000.00, so WOO-HOOOO! It will be called Out of the Ashes Pit Bull Rescue and we have a FB page if you want to check us out. We want to work with the agreeable shelters who are powerless against the laws in their communities. In fact I have our second rescue dog, who was scheduled to die yesterday, simply because she was born a pit bull. We all got to work and got her out in the nick of time and she made her freedom ride to me through ice, sleet and snow yesterday, thanks to several people who were all involved. The lady at the shelter. The lady and her husband who picked her up from the shelter and brought her halfway, and a final lady and her husband who brought her to me.
When I have the time I also own an automotive paint supply store, which I opened about a year and a half ago, when someone broke into the store I was working for, stole a bunch of stuff and set the place on fire. The owner decided not to rebuild and I decided to open my own. Haven't gotten rich yet.
I also have a Koi pond in the backyard and enjoy watching the fish and listening to the waterfall. Very peaceful. I love nature and could happily spend hours out in the backyard, doing nothing more than pulling weeds.
As you can probably tell, my passion is my dogs. They are my life, my heart and my soul.

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Welcome Terri 8)

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