Hi from Kansas City

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Hi from Kansas City

Postby yleecoyote66 » Sun Apr 17, 2016 12:40 pm

Hi,my dog Thor and I are from Kansas City MO.
I am a dog lover and have owned several mixed as well as full bed dogs in my 49 plus years.
I have been around and have known about so called pitbulls my whole adult life. Some bad and some really good.
I live in part of the city that most would call the poor section. I see everyday why people have pitbull type dogs and why byb is so lucrative. The people I live around don't care if there dog a pedigree that goes back 5 generations, or if they did good in a show ring. And being from working family's we aren't going to spend money on a dog that cost more than a car.
In my nieghborhood their are alot of pitbull type dogs. And I bet most come from byb. And not from a shelter,or rescue centers. The reason is that byb is very lucrative. Which brings me to my dog Thor.
Thor is of this post 2 yrs old. I got him when he was 9 wks old from a neighbor that kept him chained up in their front yard. He is a American Staffishord Terrier. He has a so called pedigree if I wanted to spend 300 for it or 150 without. He was born April 2.,2014. That's all I took from his pedigree.
He is 23 inches at the shoulder and he weighs 74.1lbs. He is solid black with white markings on his chest and stomach. He is the most laid back dog ever. He's not a so called snuggler. But he lays at my feet to get belly rubs and back rubs. He is not fixed and don't know if I ever will get him neutered. Not because I want to breed him just my prefrence. He is a indoor dog only goes out to release himself or go on walks or car rides. Loves playing fetch and killing stuffed toys.(I find hard to find ones he can't destroy)
So far he isn't dog agressive. Prefers to walk away not cower or show signs of being submissive. It more of that's not what I am about. And I hope he stays that way cause I really like being able to take him everywhere. Kinda reminds me of Cesar Millan dogs Daddy and now Jr. Just his attitude and his inquisitive nature.
I will try and load pics later ty for letting us join.

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Re: Hi from Kansas City

Postby Bullseye » Sun Apr 17, 2016 6:31 pm


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