Introduction and History of the best dog ever.

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Introduction and History of the best dog ever.

Postby packXO_Leader » Sun Sep 25, 2016 4:02 pm

hey there.

my name is Adam, im 32 years old and am the owner of the best dog in the world. her name is Hannah and shes been with me for 4 years (5/21) and originally came from A.C.C.T. in Philadelphia, Pa. they reported at the time that she was 6 months old, yet i extrapolated (vocab!) that she was at least a full year old as she was fully grown and has never grown at all. she is about 55 lbs. of pure happy tail and doesnt have an aggressive bone in her body.

i have always been a "dog person" and have been around dogs of all breeds and temperments without issue. in 2013 i moved away from home for the first time, and found this happy gorgeous beast in the local pets section of Craigslist. over the past few years she has been absolutely excellent. besides the winter, we walk 2x daily. she is the poster puppy for "meet your neighbors/change their minds." she is so intensely social you really wouldnt even believe it. shes very smart, submissive, and gentle. there does not exist a dog she does not want to meet. her previous companion at my mothers house was a 9 lb. female miniature dachshund that used to absolutely torture her, took all her toys, ate all her treats, never left her alone...and they loved each other.

i can rarely walk her without meeting 3 neighbors, 5 random dogs, etc. even dogs that are clearly very undersocialized and aggressive she wants a frolic with. when anyone asks me what kind of dog she is, i always casually say "a shelter dog." shes been very easy to train and aside from a slight anxiety issue that causes her to "freeze up" when overwhelmed shes been a total angel. sometimes i think she has a general understanding of the english language. she functions excellent as a therapist, heating pad, and vaccuum, and as it turns out, those are all pretty important to a single guy.

now read this post sos i can upload some pictures and ask a clicker training question damnit!


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Re: Introduction and History of the best dog ever.

Postby Bullseye » Tue Sep 27, 2016 7:21 pm

Sorry for the delay...

I don't know how I missed it XD, brilliant intro & by the sounds of things you have yourself a nice pup!

Well done for choosing a rescue!


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