Postby fox_girl » Wed Mar 30, 2005 3:35 pm

By the way, as a result of my story at the top of this thread, my aunt is giving up with owning Eddy. She asked me to help her find him a home.

Here's the particulars if anyone knows someone who may want him: (perhaps someone could cross post this as well??)

Name: Eddy
Breed: Mostly boxer, Pit bull cross breed
Temperment: very well behaved, does not resource gaurd, is great with obedience training (what little he has had he responds and learns well)
Age: 2 yrs
Color: Tan mostly, white chest and toes.
Bathes well, clips well.
Crate trained
Potty and house trained. (not a chewer or distructive dog)
GREAT with small children. (Alway supervise!, common sense)
Not too sure about cats.
Gets along well with other dogs he is given a supervised chance to get to know. (experienced handler should do new introductions but he seems fine) Currently on Pedigree dog food, stools a little too dry.
A tad over weight, but nothing a better diet and some excercise wouldn't cure.

Picture coming soon!


Postby fox_girl » Wed Mar 30, 2005 5:40 pm

I made a little sumthin for us Canucks here in the land of Province Wide Breed Banning! Hope no one minds!

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Postby Spurby » Thu Mar 31, 2005 1:02 am

Hi Stacey, and welcome!

I heard about your Aunts situation through Dobielover here(Kim) and i am very sorry to hear she wants to rehome him. Due to the situation we are facing here in Ontario, this will be a very hard thing to do, finding a suitable home. If your Aunt would like some advice, or help regarding this, please let her know there are people out here that can help her to keep her pet, and ways to stop the neighbours from harassing her. You can pass along our e-mail to her if you like,

We have been receiving many e-mails and stories from people here wanting to give up their bullies, as well as a rise in shelter numbers..many will not have a chance.


Postby fox_girl » Thu Mar 31, 2005 10:11 am

Thank you for the kind words, and I's sad that s many are going to end up needing a home or may not even get a home. I am in Niagara Falls area kind of just outside of St.Catharines. Usually when I mention the actual town no one has ever heard of it so I just say NF. or St. Kits.
Anyway, I go the Lincoln County HS. a lot to donate dog food. You see my hubby works for Lawblaws in and many many bags of food get dammaged from box cutters and forklifts etc. So he is allowed to take them when they accumulate to donate.

I see that the Lincoln County HS is loaded usually with pits or pit crosses. But surprisingly....I have only seen one. He was sitting in there for 9 weeks and all seemed lost. I posted around about him and mentioned him a few places and just like that, 3 days later he was adopted out. The manager of the LCHS, emailed me as soon as it happend.

Unfortunately, my aunt is just a regular lady with a regular family and her dog Eddy is loved like any family pet, BUT...they are not die hard dog owners like myself you or many people on this forum. You or I would stand up for our dogs sorta with the same mantality "til death do us part" She is not so die hard and really wants to wash her hands of it all. It's sad becuse Eddy is a good dog. From what I saw of him for the short time I had him, he was a good boy and quite normal. I'd take him but I've done the two dog home thing and I find I just can't handle that much dog in my house as much as I LOVE them so much or I would just be done with this and take him myself. It's actually taking everything in me not to just take him, but alas, I know it would end in me not being able to handle it.

I've been given one peice of good news tho. Eddy looks more like a boxer than anything else...and I was told that they "go" quicker, so Eddy may have a chance.

The one at the LCHS, his name was Deisel. He got adopted because someone cared. so we'll see.....maybe this won't be too hard. I hope anyway.

Thanks for the welcome, and I have received an email from the admin saying that I have been added. Does that mean I can post on other threads now??

Thanks all!

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