Postby Valkie » Thu May 05, 2005 4:04 pm

ripley6 wrote::hi
Welcome! More! More! What are their names? How'd they adopt you?


The two little ones are Kit and Kat. It's kinda hard to tell them apart in the pic.

The 'adoption' kinda has a bit of a story to it.

We already had a 110lb chocolate dobie (ya, he's a little over weight :p ) when he was 9 yrs old and we had been looking to adopt a puppy for him because he grew up with other dogs. First we were looking at Neo Mastiffs, but then we heard about all the health problems that they were prone to, so we started to research Pits.

We were going to adopt an adult... but it's really difficult to find an adult Pit that the foster's were willing to let go to a house with kids (I've got a 10, 8, and 2 year old) and pratically impossible to find one that would go with cats (I've got 3 of them). I was looking at a pair of Pits that was being cared for by Brockton Bluedog, but no cats... and they got me set on a pair.

Soooo, we settled that it would have to be a puppy... and that I was hoping for 2 but would settle for 1. After about a month of searching the web forums, I found a guy in the town next to me (hobby breeder) who's girl just had her 2nd litter. I jumped when I saw that he was letting them go for 125$ each. I got the last two out of the litter :D

They are *counts on fingers* eight weeks in the pics, but turn 16 weeks this weekend. I'm still trying to get over how smart they are!! They already know sit, here, stay, in, and jump. and they are sooo testing everything! hehe, just 'cause they 'know' it doesn't mean that they think they have to do it every time... but they are starting to get it.

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Postby saturn2 » Fri May 06, 2005 1:54 pm

:welcome: Kit & Kat ... what cute names. Looking forward to seeing more pics of them.


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Postby ripley6 » Fri May 06, 2005 2:27 pm

OMG, 16-week-old twin pitties - ?? I don't know whether to envy you or tell you to run for the hills!! lol

They must be SO cute!

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Postby pitbullforever » Fri May 06, 2005 3:54 pm

they are really cute pupies i can't wait to see more pics of them. :))


Postby bigr0ck » Sat May 07, 2005 12:25 pm

all four of you are very cute :thumbsup:

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