Hello Everyone!!


Hello Everyone!!

Postby wiseguy1236 » Sun Apr 15, 2007 7:02 am

My name is Rich and I'm from Buffalo, NY. I have 2 pit bulls, the first is Jenna who I adopted from my local SPCA about a year ago. She is a 4 year old pit bull/german shepard mix. I have to admit I was very nervous about her (being half pit bull and a stray from the city pound) at first even though she was very sweet and well-mannered. But then after researching the breed information for myself and dispelling all the urban myth and rumors, I realized that pit bulls are great dogs that have endured disturbing abuse over their history. The only time Jenna doesn't jump at my every command is when we're out walking and there's other dogs or any other animal in our general vicinity, but we've been going to classes and although progress is slow, she seems to be making some steps forward. She has lots of big hangy nipples and a few battle scars and when I asked at the SPCA, they told me that she had probably nursed several litters so far and that they didn't think she had been used for fighting, but from the looks of her had definitely been in a couple of scraps. She seems to have that hardened mature mother/alpha female syndrome. Anyway, aside from the dog-aggresion, she's the sweetest most well behaved and intelligent dog I've ever had. Which inspired me to make the 2nd addition and adopt Wally. Wally is my 2 month old male pit bull. His entire litter was found in an abandoned apartment in the inner-city. Wally is a full pit, but not a purebred obviously as he didn't come from a registered breeder. The 2 of them get along great as Jenna's motherly instincts immediately took over the moment they met at their meet and greet at the SPCA where she proceeded to thouroughly inspect and clean him. I guess that's enough for now, here's a few pictures.

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