Hey guys, whats goin on?

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Hey guys, whats goin on?

Postby 3Blin1k1 » Mon Aug 13, 2007 3:16 pm

Hey everybody. The name's Pat, I'm eighteen, and live with my mother, aunt, brother, and sister in NY. We have a 3 1/2 yr old apricot APBT named Teddy with white under his chin and on his chest. We have a very large property, and my aunt moved in last week with her dogs due to family reasons. She's here to stay, and we were scared that her 5 yr old Border Collie Dusty (male) and 8 yr odl Black Lab named Jenna (female) would be an absolute disaster. However, despite the fact that he's had very little socialization with other dogs since my old dog died, he's accepted them with open arms (accepting a MALE into HIS territory? wow, that's a shocker). They play great together, especially with a basketball we have. However, we put a gate up and separate them at night just in case.
My whole family used to be those types of people who were afraid of pitbulls due to the bullshizzle media. When I was in ninth grade, I had stayed after school one day and my brother was supposed to pick me and one of his buds up from school. He was about half an hour late, and he finally pulls up in the Camaro, and his girlfriend is holding a puppy small enough to fit into her hands. We're like, 'whats that?' 'Pitbull'. Needless to say, we warmed up to it, as it was too cute to resist, besides, it was a newborn, its not like it could attack us. Turns out a sweet lady owned two APBTs that had puppies, and her husband refused to keep them. My brother passed their house on the way home, and well, couldn't resist. Our parents were furious that we brought Teddy (we named him in the car) home, and even my father had said, "That thing's gonna grow up and kill us, goddammit." To this day my mother and Teddy are inseparable, and even my father became attached to him before he passed away.
I now have met many pitbulls in many places, and I love their loyalty, their humorous antics, and knowing that this powerfu, sweet dog trusts me, and is my friend
Outside of the dogs, I have a life. I work at Price Chopper (temporarily until I can find a better paying job), enjoy hitting the gym, playing lacrosse, boxing, and just hanging out w/friends. I also enjoy baby back ribs smothered in honey barbeque sauce. Before I go, here's a picture of Teddy the day we got him being held by my brother:

Image I'll try to take a good pic of him with the other dogs to put up soon. Thanks.

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Postby stang01 » Mon Aug 13, 2007 4:38 pm

Welcome cute puppy sucks that your old dog died

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Thanks for the wonderful introduction! Enjoy the forum!

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