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Donation help

Postby starrlamia » Sat Oct 13, 2012 4:51 pm

Im going to Cozumel again this winter and am getting a head start on collecting donations for their humane society, who are amazing, and offer free spay and neuter for every cat and dog on the island!!! Im trying to think of companies that may be willing to donate pet items, does anyone have any companies that usually participate in this kind of thing? Im not looking for food because I cant take it in my suitcase lol, but collars, leashes, toys, blankets, etc here is their list

■KURANDA dog beds. Our dogs love these and we get a 30% shelter discount, easy to transport! They offer a substantial discount when you purchase for registered shelters. Cat beds are good too! (We prefer the Standard Dog Bed, small or medium size, with the Cordura Fabric)
■Dog and cat treats
■Dog collars (with hard plastic clasp) and leashes, small and medium sized. We need sturdy collars like these, please!
■Cat collars (safety only, we prefer the stretch safety collars, but will accept all!)
■Dog toys Kong and Nylabone preferred please!
■Cat toys
■Cat’s scratching posts
■Cat beds and more
■Gentle Leaders (training dog collars)
■Slip Leads
■Medicated shampoo for dogs and cats and kittens
■Frontline PLUS flea and tick prevention medicine
■Revolution (all sizes)
■Office supplies: pens, paper clips, scissors, markers, etc.
■Old towels, pillowcases and soft fleece blankets
■Soft cat beds
■Sherpa bags (soft-sided kennels for traveling)
■Kennels intermediate to large sizes needed■Snappy snares
■Any tags of this site (we have the machine)

Im going to be emailing companies but figured I would ask if there are any I should that Im not thinking about!

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