basket muzzles

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Re: basket muzzles

Postby Taffys_Angel » Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:24 pm

I'd recommend describing what you're using the muzzles for (dog aggression, grooming, agitation/bite work, to prevent the ingestion of unwanted objects, etc) to the company or site you're thinking of using, and most can and will direct you to the best option for your given situation.

I wouldn't go cheap either, since you're dealing with genuine aggression issues with the dogs. A cheap muzzle might have a strap fail or it could come off before you get a chance to intervene if a fight breaks out.

The safest bet would be to never have the two out together... but if you HAVE to have them within proximity to each other, make sure you get the best, most well fitted muzzles you can afford. Going cheap could be a mistake.

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