FS: jacket, tape Flexi, toys

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FS: jacket, tape Flexi, toys

Postby heartbullies » Mon Jun 04, 2012 2:26 pm

Hey, just going through dog stuff and have:

--Buster Cube (FYI it has a couple pieces of TOTW kibble in it that Booker and I can't figure out how to remove)

-- 20' all-tape (no cord) Giant Flexi leash

--orange Westpaw Huck ball

--Kong bone for treat stuffing

--green Busy Buddy barbell for kibble dispensing

--barely-used orange Katie's Bumper that I didn't realize had a dreaded squeaker in it when I bought it

--not pictured is a RuffWear black and grey CloudChaser jacket in size medium that we stupidly paid $80 for; Booker wore it out of the house once I think? Ruffwear stuff doesn't fit him very well, the size large was WAY too big and he has other jackets to fill the bill.

None of it is damaged at all, just been around the house or yard getting ignored for a while so it's not Brand New. PM me if you want any of it and what your price is, and I'll figure out shipping online (probably like $5-7 except the Buster Cube) and we can PayPal.


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