Harness rubbing fur?

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Harness rubbing fur?

Postby TheDieseltruck » Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:08 pm

So I just started Diesel in his weight pull training a couple days ago. I wanted to start him a long time ago, but then I found out he needed an FHO and then I waited for a little over a year just to make sure that everything is healed. I got the okay from my vet so we're gonna start super light training. He did fantastic today and I think he really feels as though he's doing a job and he loves it. We even saw a chihuahua about 20 feet away and while he noticed it and wanted to bark and act a fool, all I had to do was say "work" and I kept walking and we walked right by it without even a jump OR a whine!

I got a harness from Nordkyn outfitters and I like it a lot, but the padding is a little sparse. Diesel has really thin, white fur and I've noticed that under his neck where the harness crosses and goes over his breast bone, his fur is thinning. There aren't any red marks or sores, but you can tell that the fur is being rubbed off. I had him pull 10lbs. for about a mile (I'm following pulldoggies.com to get him started). Is there anything I can do for this? Perhaps I could wrap some more padding around it? Has anyone ever had to do this before and if so, any tips?

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Re: Harness rubbing fur?

Postby bahamutt99 » Tue Sep 27, 2011 5:28 pm

It might be the fit. I've had harnesses rub when they were improperly fitted. You can try wrapping with pipe foam and then going over that with electrical tape. Its kind of tricky to do it well, though. I buy my harnesses pre-pipe foamed from Browndog Design.

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