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Red Chrome

Postby Red Chrome » Sat Oct 11, 2008 9:15 am

Deniselynn wrote:
msvette2u wrote:
Red Chrome wrote:
bahamutt99 wrote:At the risk of offending anyone, I've got 16-month-olds and I don't know how anyone can determine a dog breedworthy at that age. I've got my hopes and dreams, but to say for certain that anybody WILL be bred is premature. If your convictions are strong and your reasons are sound, nobody will make you run away from anything. If you choose to run, choose to continue running.

This is very true but I'm also sick of dealing with having my dog bashed by people on here because I said that he is a breeding prospect and IF he passes all health testing and titles in the sport that we are doing then he will be bred.

I have always said IF he passes health testing. I know that things arise and he may not. Also, he may never be bred because I decide not too. BUT I'm not irresponsible with him as there are many LOOSE intact females around and he has NEVER gotten loose to get to one and he NEVER will. I personally am not running...just not posting about my other dog here anymore. Feelings get really hurt when people start bashing other's dogs. I have worked my ass off with this dog to get him and to train him to the point of being ready for a BH. It hurts when people bash him! Just saying.

I feel that when you buy a breeding quality dog, they are breed worthy until health testing proves otherwise. They are NOT breedable until they have all their health testing and titles done but they are breed worthy in my eyes.


After BEGGING for that other thread to be locked, WHY would you drag it over here to THIS thread??? :huh?:

Courtney, you and I have always gotten along and I think highly of you girl but I gotta agree with Yvette.

Are you breeding Judge today? I doubt it so for the time being enjoy what you are doing with him (which is awesome btw).

I was responding about the neutering debate and answered a post that was in response to mine. I gwet along with you too and would like to keep it that way. I was talking about being breed worthy and breedable!


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