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Postby taooftim » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:38 am

Lexa has had an unusual condition for the past year or so. From time to time, she gets bumps that always begin to develop on her sides and outer thigh. The bumps have no coloration and they quickly turn into a small (the size of a nickel or less) dry patch and she usually temporarily looses fur in that spot. She generally shows no signs of itching or irritation but sometimes, when her breakouts spread out further, she does show more "tickle sensitivity" than usual.

Our vet has recommended the usual course of action when these reactions occur; Benadryl, antibiotics (2 different kinds to date but I'll have to check for the actual names), medicated shampoo and, during the last episode, Prednisone. All work well to clear her up quickly but so far we haven't been able to pinpoint the source of the problem and after a few weeks to months, the bumps return and the cycle continues. The allergy test (blood) we did a month or so back revealed no allergy concerns at all but I wasn't aware until after the fact that the test was only for inhalant allergies. So now, based on the assumption that the breakouts must be contact or food related, we have switched her food from Blue Wilderness to California Natural Herring & Sweet Potato about 8 weeks ago. Her coat and overall condition are fantastic on either food but I feel we need to wait a few more weeks to see any real differences.

All that said, I feel I should mention that she is a blue/blue-fawn dog (she seems to have washed out a bit as she's aged) and she just turned 10. She has honestly never show any real skin issues until she was bitten by fire ants about 3 yrs. ago (poor goof, just laid right there in yard getting swarmed until I saw 'em on her :frown: ). Even after healing from that, she didn't seem exhibit any of these allergy symptoms until I moved into the house we now live in. Based on her diet over the years with no problems, I can't help but think it must be a contact allergy but we just can't seem to find the culprit.

Best of luck to everyone out there who deals with allergy issues in their bulldogs; we truly feel for you!

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Postby Fenriswolf » Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:17 am

APBT<3er wrote:I just posted a topic about my dogs allergies without even seeing this...

Dolly is allergic to FLEAS... Those stupid little jumpy biting evil bugs that crawl out of every crack and crevice on the planet and seem to love my animals... As I've just determined this today, (prior thought was that it was a food allergy) on my way home I'll be picking up some advantage, and I'm hoping that my other topic will help me gain ideas on how to rid my house of these Satan bugs.

If you use Advantage every 3 weeks you shouldn't have an issue. It lasts 4 but for an allergy animal 3 weeks is better (life cycle of a flea).

Advantage and Frontline are both working for the whole three weeks so even if there are fleas in your house your dog should be fine.

If you want to save money (though possibly not much) both Frontline and Advantage are 0.1ml per kilo (er, so not converting that sorry) so buying the largest possible pack and syringing out the correct amount can save you money. This advice is much more useful for flea allergy cats. :tongue:

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