Neem oil success rate?

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Neem oil success rate?

Postby Darlazmum » Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:54 pm

Hey guys, my new little guy has demodectic mange, can you forward me in my inbox links...
I don't think we are allowed to promote???can't remember if we can.

I need your answers to successful treatment kits (LOW COST!!!!) ORRRRRRRRR, if you JUST have to use neem oil...

BASICALLY successful ways BESIDES medicated dips. I have switched to using raw foods (spoiled brat), now any tips...

PS I'm not opposed to people sending me stuff either lol[/b]

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Postby MikeZev » Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:13 pm

i've had good results with ivermectin, goodwinol shampoo and an immune booster. ivermectin is still off-label for dogs but i havent personally had any problems. the goodwinol is awesome for topical relief. berte's naturals and nature's farmacy make good immune supplements.

the neem oil is sticky and stinky but i hear good things.

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