Boz has heartworms! Am I overreating at the clinic mix-up?

Talk about diets, exercise, and disease.

After the 'opps' my vet clinic made, I am changing clinics entirely for all of my pets. Overreation?

No, the mistake could have been fatal! Never go back!
It was a terrible mistake, but mistakes happen. Only leave if there are other major issues too.
It's not that big a deal, give them another chance.
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You're definiely overreacting.
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Postby kaliya5 » Thu Apr 23, 2009 10:28 am

How long has he been on heartworm prevention in total? How long on the Advantage Multi?

He's been on it for about a year. His foster family got him last summer and had him until I brought him home in September. He was on Revolution with them, and then the vet said she didn't like Revolution so I switched to Advantage Multi. So a few months on Revolution and then Sep08-April09 on Multi. The vet did tell me about the option of going "slow kill" which is keeping him on preventive and letting the adult worms die off on their own, but explained the risks involved with that too, so I opted to treat him and get him healthy that much faster, expensive though it is.

Boz had his first round of HW treatment yesterday. He is doing well and you'd hardly know anything was wrong. Took his Rimadyl like a pro and is now lazing around and taking it easy. I let him sleep in bed with me last night (99% of the time he sleeps in his crate) and I remembered why I don't let him sleep with me that often when I woke up at 4am about to fall off the edge of the bed.

He was a little sleepier than usual last night but not showing any signs of sickness of pain. Then again, he is an APBT. I am keeping him calm, which I don't anticipate to be too difficult since he's such a lazy ass normally. lol But he's also used to having daily exercise, so we'll see how this effects him after a few weeks. He has a re-check next week and then goes in for a 2nd round of treatment 3 weeks after that.

The hardest part of all this is going to be keeping Ziggy, his JRT brother, calm. Ziggy is used to having a Pit Bull friend to run and wrestle with and is already objecting to the whole "Leave Boz alone!" command. lol

The staff at the the new clinic said he was really easy to work with and they were impressed by how calm he was for the injections, blood draws, etc. He's always been very good boy at the vet.

Oh! And someone also asked me if I got him from a breeder and if so which one! I was kind of surprised by that, but she thought he was a great example of APBT temperament and appearance. It was flattering, especially since he's a rescue and people seem to think you can't find good breed examples in rescue (which we know isn't true, but it was still nice to tell her). Honestly, he's not a great example of appearance... he's got a bit of a sway back, his rear is too high (slightly) and his front feet are a tad bit on the flat side... but I only know all that after hanging out here so much.

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Postby Leslie H » Thu Apr 23, 2009 7:29 pm

I'm glad things are going smoothly.

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