Raw diet...so far....

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Raw diet...so far....

Postby bizzo518 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 8:57 pm

Just thought id post....just some FYI for pet owners thinking about a raw diet.

Molly is 6 months old now....38 lbs. Started her on the diet about 1.5 months ago. Ive seen a dramatic changes in her coat, energy level, body language and demeanor. Ive also noticed her stool went from loose and large...to more compact and less of it. Im mixing in some core wellness with it, only because I haven`t got the kelp and fish meal supplements, i haven`t noticed a bad thing with doing this...people say digestive rates are different....she seems absolutely fine and loves the mix.

Im using...raiseapaw4raw.com

My buddy is a distributor for it up here in upstate NY. Company based out of NYC i believe. Great stuff nice selection...ive got Molly on a performance roll/green tripe mix.....kills the whole bowl in seconds!..lol. They say Green Tripe is the ULTIMATE canine food!

If you are thinking about the switch..do your research and try to come up with a good plan for your pet. I have to say though that this was a great move for Molly and I, and I couldn`t be happier...and so is Molly...

later....good luck :cool:

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Postby nena103102 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:01 pm

:thumbsup: I've been giving the girls raw for a while (they get kibble for breakfast and raw for dinner) and they LOVE it! When we got Sasha she was way under weight, her coat looked horrible and she was just so, BLAH, they've been getting it for about 3 months now (since Feb) and now she thinks she's a puppy again (she's 5).

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