Diamond Naturals Lamb and Rice allmost KILLED my dog.

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Postby Absolute Peril » Sat Jun 27, 2009 6:33 pm

Savage Destiny wrote:
Absolute Peril wrote:
Savage Destiny wrote:
RuffMuttK9z wrote:Mold? That sounds to me like an issue of the store you bought the food from storing the food improperly and/or keeping it for way too long before selling it. I wouldn't necessarily jump to conclusions that this type of thing is the fault of the food company.


We haven't had a single problem with the Diamond we sell at the store I work at. Mold is generally due to improper storage, particularly damp bags that don't get noticed and thrown away. I'd be looking much more closely at the store you bought it from as opposed to blaming Diamond.

I have got MANY MANY bags of diamond dog food from this store. You may have one its Farm and Fleet. Its not some small intown thing. Farm and Fleet is everywhere. I took the bag back to farm and fleet they refuned me and said they wanted to keep part of the mold to send to the company. I personally love the food and whats in it, but I wouldnt know what to do if I lost my dog chance.

Just because you haven't had a problem previously doesn't mean something can't go wrong.

Also, I do think it is funny that you won't even take a closer look at the store because you've bought "many many" bags of Diamond from them, but you're all set to badmouth Diamond over it, even though its the same food you've bought "many many" bags of.

I am looking into BOTH of the things. I don't want to really say its not the store or not the company. If I could figure it out I would buy my diamond somewhere else. It is a great brand of food.

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