Probably allergies

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Probably allergies

Postby PinKster » Wed Jul 15, 2009 3:48 pm

I let the dogs out one more time last night before bed, when I let them back in, Sadie came over to me and sat right in front of me, and her eyes were all gooey, it was clear but I immediately ran outside to see what she may have gotten into or wth was going on, there wasn't anything I could see that would support my questioning.

We came in I got a warm washcloth and cleaned her eyes, then she began sneezing up a storm....I guess it could be allergies, but out of no where? There isn't any colored discharge that would support a respiratory infection and i don't assume one could come out of nowhere in seconds.

Now, she has been sneezing all it allergies and what can I do for her? Seems to be a annoyance, can I make her more comfortable?

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