Strange Bloodwork

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Re: Strange Bloodwork

Postby GusBus » Thu Sep 03, 2009 8:37 pm

I'm so glad you found a way to work it out. And its good that you like the vet, it seems so much easier when you know they really care. The e-vet we had called us every hour through out the night to update us since she knew we were freaking out, it was so reassuring that she actually cared. Whenever i get bummed that we have to chose to stay in rather than go up, or pass up that concert we really wanted to go to, i just think about the alternative and how totally worth it is to have my dog.

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Re: Strange Bloodwork

Postby HollyJoy » Fri Sep 04, 2009 12:35 pm

BlueMountainBullies wrote:Gus - I agree with you completely. It's just frustrating because I felt so helpless. No vets are willing to work with you. I have never not made a payment to a vet when I told them I would. Guess that's a downside of living in a big town :sad: I'm just blessed that the doctor at the e-vet was the same one who delivered her pups last year, and remembered both her and me. She knew how much belle meant to me, and she remembered that she was a weightpull/show dog etc. She was willing to discuss with me in long details about the pros/cons and chances of not doing surgery versus doing surgery. She was even bummed out about having to do it, but the chances of getting pyo under control without surgery just wasn't a risk I was willing to take. She was just an awesome doctor. And like I said before, she cut me a deal on the surgery I couldn't have asked for better care for her either. And the two follow up visits I went to, they only charged me for the medication, they didn't charge me for the visit/exam or the sub q fluids. And one was in the middle of the night :eek:

I think you owe this vet some thank you cookies and a home-made card with belle's picture on it. Let her know how much it means to you that she went so far beyond what she was obligated to do.

BlueMountainBullies wrote:walked straight over to the cat food and grabbed a mouthful. This was the first time she had even tried to look at food. Of course she is not allowed to have kitty food. So I put about half a cup of her food in her bowl, with a little bit of superfuel for extra nutrients. She won't touch it :huh?: I grabbed a hot dog out of the fridge. She woofed it down. At this point in time she hadn't been able to take her medication, because she wouldn't chew them. So i got them out, and she chewed them right up like always. We went to bed and she slept the rest of the night till we got up at 7:30. I brought her food with me to work and she is chiling under my desk, still won't touch her food, but I have bought her a few special treats so she is getting some food (I figure it's ok to spoil her for a few days, being all that she's been through)

Whenever my dogs are not eating well because of illness, they get to eat WHATEVER they want. When I was losing my old boy to tumors / cancer, I was desperately trying to keep weight on him. It was like his flesh was liquefying off his bones. Horrible thing to watch. The last days of his life he only wanted to eat frozen beef liver chips. And he got exactly that. Diarrhea be damned. There's nothing wrong with spoiling a sick dog, when it's imperative you get some food into them.

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Re: Strange Bloodwork

Postby BlueMountainBullies » Fri Sep 04, 2009 2:21 pm

Oh the vet is going to get a bouquet of flowers and a card with a thank you note from Belle most definately :peace:

And I am letting her eat whatever she wants. She got a can of wet food last night (well half one) mixed with a cup of dry food and she ate all of it. She gets hot dogs at pill time. And today for lunch she got her own burger from McDonalds :oops: I just don't like them getting into the cat food, but believe me, if she wants to eat it, I'm not too upset by it lol

Took her to school today, gave her another 200ML sub q fluid. Also drew her blood and ran it on the CBC machine. Her WBC is still just as high as before surgery, and her RBC is even lower than before the surgery. They let me take the bag of lactated ringers, a new IV line and needles as well as syringes and bood tubes. So I can keep her hydrated this weekend, and can draw blood and have the tubes ready just in case for the vet if need be. But they said, the infection is still trying to work itself out of the body, to keep a close eye on her, keep her hydrated and eating, and we will recheck bloodwork next week.

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Re: Strange Bloodwork

Postby SonnysMomma » Sun Sep 06, 2009 4:45 pm

Aww Liz....pour baby Belle!

Sonny and us are sending good vibes yours and her way!

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Re: Strange Bloodwork

Postby Ntchwaidumela » Mon Sep 07, 2009 11:13 pm

Hey Liz-

What a year it has been for you, your family and your furkids . . . and we've got three more months.

You've been through alot of obstacles this year, but all of you made it through, and this shall also come to pass.

I'll probably stop by on the 20th to say "Hello", bring some good vibes and a donation :thumbsup:

Give Belle (and Koda) a big hug from Jake and I.


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