Banfield Insurance Q ?

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Banfield Insurance Q ?

Postby RUBZERK » Tue Dec 29, 2009 2:29 pm

I was wondering if anybody here has a Banfield Insurance plan for their loved one(s) ???

What is your take on their service & prices.

Pros. & Cons. ???

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Re: Banfield Insurance Q ?

Postby XDogs » Tue Dec 29, 2009 3:51 pm

No, I don't have it set up for my pets.. but I can tell you a con: They are not open 24 hours to take care of the emergencies that happen outside of their office hours. And unfortunately, a LOT of the emergencies, where you HAVE to take them in NOW, are not cheap. Working the ER hours for our hospital, I can tell you that there are quite a few people who tell us that they have "insurance", just to find out, that they actually don't in this instance.

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Re: Banfield Insurance Q ?

Postby CSilverman89 » Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:21 pm

Exactly what XDogs stated - Their insurance is only for THEIR offices, and basically it covers your dogs yearly shots, fecals, some blood work, and takes care of the hospital visit fee.

It does gives you a discount on most medications. However, if you have an emergency and are lucky enough to catch them when they are open, it doesn't cover the 30 dollar fee for an emergency hospital visit.

I treat it like any other hospital, even though they do have corporate rules to follow, which means there is a lot of things they aren't allowed to do. Do you like the staff? The doctors? Are they willing to listen to you, explain procedures and explain things thoroughly? Those are things to always consider when with any Vet.

We used to take Dover to one, but he HATED the staff there. Terrified of every last one of them, one in particular. He was so terrified that he would urinate every time one of them walked in the door. They made me leave him there once, for an exam, and refused to let me stay with him even though all it was were shots and a fecal. I could never understand why, and he's been terrified ever since. The only possibilities I have come up with in my mind are abuse of some sort, from someone on the staff or less than ideal treatment, so I paid the rest of his insurance, and left. He is not afraid of anyone else, not a single person, except the doctors and staff of that particular hospital. Definitely not a Banfield thing, it was THIS hospital, with THIS staff.

The Vet Hospital we go to now, he loves. I've left him there, for a dew-claw removal, and he still loves it even though they have prodded and poked him more than anyone else. lol He thinks the staff there is heaven, and he pulls as hard as he can to get in, and doesn't stop wiggling. So, it boils down to personal and individual assessment.

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Re: Banfield Insurance Q ?

Postby eashanna » Tue Dec 29, 2009 4:53 pm

i have both my dogs on their optimum plan and i love it. i am HOWEVER blessed to have a banfield where the doctors are excellent and my dogs love the staff and vice versa. rocky is in love with one if the nurses. she sees us coming and she rushes out the door to greet us. we love it there.

for preventive care, they are excellent. anytime i feel the dogs are unwell, i dont have to worry if i have the money for an office visit. they get 2 comprehensive checks a year, free dental work, shots, fecals, heart worm tests, xrays, etc!

just this last week, both dogs went in for comprehensive checks, and dentals... the bill was 1465.00 and every penny was covered, the only thing i had to pay was an 8 dollar tube of gel for their gums so tartar doesn't build up again.

i love being on the plan. it gives me peace of mind... i know in the event of an emergency, i have to pay but that's ok because i would still bring my dogs to the same place as the doctors are excellent.

if you are considering it, make sure u like the doctors and staff. we love them at our banfield.

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Re: Banfield Insurance Q ?

Postby Misskiwi67 » Tue Dec 29, 2009 9:59 pm

The biggest bonus with banfield is not just the discount, but you pay by the month, meaning there is less likelihood of outrageous "surprises" that happen anytime extensive medical care is needed. This allows you to not only do more for your pet long-term (like yearly dentals and x-rays when they're old enough to need it) but because the office visits are pre-paid you never have to worry about a sick pup and not having the cash.

In the long-run it will probably cost more because you're spending less at once and will say yes to more "options" but you'll also get the best possible level of care.

The point about overnight emergencies is a good one though... if you were to go with a true insurance company, it covers any office, not just Banfield, and overnight emergencies are likely to be the most expensive you'll ever encounter.

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