The big bad "C" word :(

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Re: The big bad "C" word :(

Postby TheBowie » Wed Jul 21, 2010 5:10 pm

chewbecca wrote:The heavy duty treatment stuff was going to cost us $10,000-$15,000 for a year's worth of treatments (or was it a course?).

Yeah, I can see where that might be the final cost for a larger animal using an oncologist. I am lucky that my regular vet is able to administer the treatments in their office at a great savings. I think the quote I got from the internal medicine vet was about $300 per treatment. And I spent nearly $5000 total just getting him diagnosed. If my vet hadn't been an option, I wouldn't have gone the chemo route.

Still, the OP might check into the costs involved if her regular vet can do it.

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Re: The big bad "C" word :(

Postby April » Wed Jul 21, 2010 6:51 pm

That's just horrible, I hope everything goes the best it can go for now on.
Best wishes :pray

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Re: The big bad "C" word :(

Postby Mooresmajestic » Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:34 pm

I didn't send it because we know we didn't get it all. We would have had to go from an incision with 3 sutures to opening her up from chin down her whole neck because there were granule size masses in that whole area. The Dr. that did the surgery has removed a lot of cancerous tumors and I have learned that if he says that is what it is, to believe him. Unfortunately we don't do any treatment where I work, and I just can't bring myself to put her through treatment at her age. My grama did with her older dog and it broke my heart when her dog was so sick for a year. Lu is already 10 and has been aging quickly in the past year or so anyway, so I just plan to make her as happy and comfortable in her remaining years as I possibly can.

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Re: The big bad "C" word :(

Postby ilikelily » Thu Jul 22, 2010 12:08 am

Mooresmajestic wrote: I didn't have the growth sent out for biopsy because I just can't handle the official results. If I don't have the official results it can't be true... right? I know I still have a few good years left with her, but I am already starting to feel the loss. Now I won't feel guilty about giving her an extra tid-bit off my plate, or indulging her when she just wants to go for a car ride up to McD's without violet tagging along.

I completely understand how you feel.
After Max's mass removal surgery, I did not want his results either. I think it really is such a personal decision, and so is the decision on how to go forward (chemo, homeopathic, additional surgeries...)

I wish you both the best. :hug:

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Re: The big bad "C" word :(

Postby Nickdawg » Thu Jul 22, 2010 4:34 pm


I understand now more why you didn't send it away for results and as ilikelily so eloquently said it all is such a personal choice - I should know from my experience... feel bad for my quick response now :oops:

anyway big :hug: and hope for lots of good days for the two of you....

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Re: The big bad "C" word :(

Postby Alyssa » Thu Jul 22, 2010 5:49 pm

TheBowie wrote: And chemo is not that expensive (not assuming it would even be applicable in your case). My cat has been undergoing chemo for the last year and a half (currently on more of a maintenance protocol) after an initial prognosis of 6 months. It runs about $85 a month + the drugs, which again are not really that expensive. Of course, the dosages for a cat are small.

I believe this varies. To treat our cat's nasal carcinoma was minimum to start - 3 grand, far beyond my means no matter what I did at the time, and no guarantees it would do anything for slowing down the progression (ours had no chance of a cure, all we could do was make him as comfy as we could for the time he had left and spoil him rotten).

In the end we realized putting hm through that would just stress him out. Plus after the horrible antirobe incident***, I wasn't about to make him endure anything as bad as that again.

Every cancer is different, and along with that I believe comes different price tags. And I am sure location also plays a part as I would imagine there is a total price difference between coastal states and middle states.

***If your vet EVER EVER EVER gives you antirobe liquid drops - HAND IT BACK and ask for something the poor animal cannot taste. That stuff is downright NASTY and it almost put my cat into a fear of ALL food. It is a VILE VILE substance and whoever the moron was that invented that evil liquid ought to be shot.

I put like a 1/3 of a drop on the back of my hand, smeared it a little and touched the end of the smear with my pinkie tip and BARELY touched the tip of my tongue (because my cat went WILD after I tried to give it him and fought me viciously when I attempted to give the stuff to him and I could pill him and medicate him for years and he was fine, totally abnormal reaction) and ...the taste , omg . Whatever you do ... NEVER EVER attempt to taste it. NEVER. EVER. DO NOT TASTE. Seriously.

I started dry heaving right away it was like instant puke just place on tongue - no joke. and then it took over my entire mouth - taste bud by taste bud ... this indescribable nasty vileness spread in my mouth. You could not rinse it off, scrape it off (yes - I tried!), burn it off, (yeah - I tried it, it was that bad I tried to freaking scald my tongue lol), and you do not even want to try covering it up with food or drink, the combinations of that rancid vileness and edible things just makes you want to heave immediately. I have never had such an instant bodily rejection of a substance and that was just like a teeny bit of moisture not even a drop, to think what that poor cat had in his mouth as the dose, no WONDER he was ready and willing to fight me tooth and nail literally. I would too!

I cannot imagine giving liquid antirobe orally to ANY creature that has a sense of taste - period. I would even question giving it to a plant, quite seriously. That stuff is like ... viciously nastily vile.

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Re: The big bad "C" word :(

Postby Misskiwi67 » Thu Jul 22, 2010 11:51 pm

Alyssa wrote:
I cannot imagine giving liquid antirobe orally to ANY creature that has a sense of taste - period. I would even question giving it to a plant, quite seriously. That stuff is like ... viciously nastily vile.

Hahaha... BEAUTIFUL description... and I agree, antirobe is one of those few tortures worse than death...

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