What can this be?! *pics ):

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What can this be?! *pics ):

Postby Haileys_Saviour » Sun Jan 30, 2011 5:44 am

Sorry if I was supposed to post this in the Gallery because of the picture included.

I've had Hailey for almost 2 months now and her spay incision has healed nicely. However, she sometimes gets this reddish skin coloring where her spay scar is. She's had it before but it disappeared in a day or two. She got it again 3 days ago abd I plan on taking her to the vets on Friday when I get my paycheck. I'm thinking it could be a rash but she's completely unbothered by it. She doesn't even know its there - no licking, biting, discomfort, and she'll let me touch it, thinking I'm rubbing her belly (this is the only reason I'm not rushing her to the emegency vet).

I don't think its a heat rash since its been pretty cool/cold in Southern CA. It probably isn't an allergic reaction to grass or detergent because she's been in the grass since I got her day one and we've had the same detergent. She eats Innova EVO and does great on it (more energy, less eye discharge, firm stools, and shinier coat). I sometimes give her raw egg whites with her kibble and she occasionally snacks on raw beef bones. She's on Frontline and has no fleas or ticks. Her shampoo is Perfect Coat: White Pearl and she didn't develop this when I bathed her before. She's eating, drinking, pottying, playing, and sleeping normally. Nothing has changed.

I washed the area with warm drinking water and tried putting some baby powder since it thought it might be caused from friction (moisture between her boobs). Then I tried unscented Jergens lotion. Nothing changed..

Its only a redness.. no swelling, its not hot to the touch, and it doesn't smell bad.

Any idea what it could be and if I should be worried? I'm taking her to the vet on Friday anyway. Am I being a bad mother? .. :crybaby:


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Re: What can this be?! *pics ):

Postby Misskiwi67 » Sun Jan 30, 2011 10:33 am

She's been licking... put a cone or a belly band on her to make her stop and I'd bet you'll see significant improvement in 24 hours. If not, she will need antibiotics.

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