Happy Tail: collection of information

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Happy Tail: collection of information

Postby PitBull-Lady » Sun Mar 27, 2011 3:58 pm

A few months ago, we had a DISASTER on our hands. One of our sweeties had a not so sweet problem, HAPPY TAIL.

Our entire house from 3 feet down to the floor looked like a crime scene. It was disgusting and impossible to stay on top of to get off the walls. I kept searching the forum to look for help on a little bit of everything including treatment of the dog and cleaning of the house.

What I did find was a lot of posts but no real good information in just one post so I kept a copy of all the posts that applied to "Happy Tail". I was hoping this could help me but now I hope it could help the next bloody victim.

Our solution was a layered approach. We visited the vet, but she too could not keep the bandage on the tail either!
Wrap & Re-Wrap, air, shave the tip of the tail, *spray* version of Liquid BandAid, we also tried a large syringe over the end of the tail but that just hurt 'us'. It finally just healed.

To get the blood off the walls, doors, furniture, etc. my favorite solution was the Mr.Clean Magic Eraser. If you have walls with flat paint or old paint, often the eraser will cause the paint to come off a little and remove the hidden dirt on the wall and show you a lighter color. If you do use them, you will need a whole box... they really work, but you will a lot of back up. The blood really goes everywhere!

Liquid band-aid?

What to do… What to do

Happy Tail Anyone??

Happy Tail?

UGH. Happy tail, aka, bloody tail

How long do you wait on happy tail til you dock?

Bleeding tail tip

bleeding tail

*Whack a tail*

Happy Tail

happy tail syndrome

OFFICIAL ear cropping/tail docking debate thread

These are quotes from e-mails I had with 2 people, and one from one random post.
They used a thumb brace on the tip of the tail like this one minus the wrist part...

Yeah, the vet wrap is great stuff, but hard to work on tails. When you wrap it, instead of wrapping it in tight spirals up the tail, try wrapping in large thin layers (so that the edges are overlapping a little, but not a lot). Then do several layers up and down. I'm thinking that a tighter "weave" (as in more layers - a higher thread count, if you will) may be a little more difficult to wag off. Does that make any sense at all??? Also, we usually put surgical tape at the top to help keep it on, so it's half on the vet wrap and half on the tail. They still come off half the time... those tails are like whips!

We ended up having Kayleigh's tail amputated :( We just couldn't get it under control! Our house looked like a crime scene. It broke my heart to do it, but after so long and no healing it was really the only alternative. Some dogs heal up just fine from happy tail with just bandaging, but if it's an ongoing problem it might be the way to go. If you do have to go that route, or if you want to know more, let me know! And good luck; tails are a bitch


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