Vet forgot to stitch up neutered dog

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Re: Vet forgot to stitch up neutered dog

Postby trexgorawrrrrr » Wed Jul 20, 2011 9:00 pm

Misskiwi67 wrote:
trexgorawrrrrr wrote:So, this has me scared to take Bentley to get neutered at the low cost spay and neuter program... Our expensive vet said they always do a nice job, and so on... but this has me scared to take him there.

If your vet says they do a good job and haven't seen any problems, then they might do a good job... I would let your vet know you heard someone else had a bad experience elsewhere and you wanted to double check that its OK.

Its the monitoring temperature, monitoring anesthesia, and having veterinarians that aren't rushed or overwhelmed that counts the most. Also make sure they do pre-surgery labwork and send home pain meds.

Yeah, I asked about a month or so ago because I was inquiring about pre anestetic bloodwork since the shelter doesn't do that kind of thing. As far as pain meds, when I had asked the clinic, they said you didn't take anything home. But when we were talking it was about him being there over night. We were planning on going on a friday, which would be surgery and then coming home with me. So, I'm not sure if it's different or not. I'll have to call back and see what they say.

Sorry for the hijack!

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Re: Vet forgot to stitch up neutered dog

Postby PitbullLover* » Mon Aug 22, 2011 6:39 am

that poor poor dog :wow some people are just insane, incompetive or could you not give pain medications? or forget to stitch the dog back up? that's why i took my baby to a high end clinic i paid around 600$ i think since i paid in € euro's. She's a female btw and i got rid of everything not just a simple spay. on my baby, they used glue and two sets of stitches internal and external and told me to buy a e-collar from them or a petstore. She got pain medication for 48 hours, later the incision got infected so i went back for antibiotics and had to pay enother 150$ ....lets say i did some overwork for my dog lol

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