Feeding Raw

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Re: Feeding Raw

Postby FransterDoo » Wed Nov 16, 2011 5:40 pm

MissKitty wrote:I have been slowly switching him over for a little over a month. He is on chicken legs right now.

I am holding off on the heart/liver, it is sitting in the freezer. My friend just slaughtered some of her cattle herd and gave me a heart/liver and I couldn't say no to free dog food lol
I just wasn't sure how to even approach cutting it up.....

Thanks for the reminder though!

Sounds good then!

I'd suggest laying them flat on a cookie sheet if you have the room in your freezer and letting them freeze until mostly frozen (few hours). Then use a serrated blade and a big cutting board. I'd cut them into chunks that you could add to his regular meal (say 1/4 of his typical meal size). Lay them back out on the sheet and freeze them all the way. Finally, put them all into a large baggie. Then you can just take one out and feed it as is.

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