Leaving a dog alone for 12+ hours

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Re: Leaving a dog alone for 12+ hours

Postby afrikaPB » Wed Sep 21, 2011 10:45 pm

Misskiwi67 wrote:
buckaroo wrote:
I don't know how anybody can work 5 eights, especially during the day. It's the worst shift ever. I don't know how people get anything done.

DItto to that... I'll take my 18 hour overnights with my extra day off over a 5 day straight work-week any day. My job is stressful enough that 4 days is a row is a lot, 5 days is really rough, and 6 will dang near kill you.

x3. I work four 12 hour shifts, and *LOVE* having three full days off. My dog comes to work, but is kenneled in the back, and aside from a kong/chew he usually gets one potty break/walk and that's all the fun to be had until quittin' time.

If the dog in question has to stay home, a dog walker is a great option to break up the alone time. There are so many responsible, reliable students/animal lovers who could use the extra money in exchange for a few hours work.

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Re: Leaving a dog alone for 12+ hours

Postby mommy2kane » Thu Sep 22, 2011 7:46 am

And again, I really think it depends on the dog. Some dogs may be SO frustrated and stressed, they cannot deal with a long shift -- and those dogs may need a stay-at-home mom/wife/dad/husband, whatever. Some dogs seem to do just fine -- with no known problems.

Ideal? No. Of course not. It'd be ideal to give our dogs attention 24/7. But that's just not realistic in some cases/life situations.

If you like those fake potty things, that's a good idea/option.

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Re: Leaving a dog alone for 12+ hours

Postby FBODGRL » Thu Sep 22, 2011 11:09 am

I agree.

I can say that Khan adjusts and is fine with my schedule which is sporadic at best between 8, 12, and occasional 16 hour shifts at different times of the day. I work swing shift as a regular schedule 2 midnights and 3 afternoons...plus the overtime either on the beginning or end of the shifts. He ALWAYS sleeps with me when I am sleeping or napping, no matter what the shift. I fit in his exercise and other activities for him in between naps or sleeping for the day.

If I work a 16 hr day (which is rare) I have my sister or mom come over for a bit. On 12 hour days he is fine, but if my sister is on my side of town I will have her stop in and let him out. My family lives about 45 minutes away. If they were close I would probably have them come by more often.

I think this, just like everything else depends on the dog. Everyone is different.

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Re: Leaving a dog alone for 12+ hours

Postby Sarah » Sat Sep 24, 2011 10:05 pm

I'd be uncomfortable with the fact that the dog is basically alone for 24 hours, with just one potty break visit during that time. I'd tend to agree that if the breaks could be more frequent, it could work.

I personally work 12 hour shifts. With commute time, I'm gone for 13-14 hours on the days I work. It is shift work, my schedule is basically 2 days-2 nights-5 days off-2 days-3 nights-4 days off-3 days-2 nights-5 days off. What that means is that after 2 or 3 long work days, I'm off for 24 hours, then after 2 or 3 nights of work, I'm off for 4 or 5 days.

I do not crate my dogs while I'm at work, that time is too long to be crated. They often choose to hold it for that time, but I prefer them to have the option to eliminate if they need to. I've posted about the runs I have for them before. It's not a lot of room, but enough to let them stretch and move around if they choose, and to potty and get away from it if they need to (they have pee pads)

I do not get a lot of sleep on work days, because I prefer to let my dogs have some out time. It is one thing that prevents me from adding dogs, though, and one reason I spayed Tess. I don't like crating/rotating, because it gives my dogs too little out time. Anyway, I don't think anyone would say my dogs are neglected, despite them being alone for that time. They are used to it, and seem perfectly happy. No behavior issues.

The older 2 sleep in bed with me, so the youngest is the only one that is confined again until I leave. He still seems to do fine, though.

It isn't easy, but a person can make it work if they are willing to put forth that effort. Dogs are amazing creatures, and if their basic needs are met, they can adapt. IMO, an owner who works long hours but is willing to prioritize their dog when off work can give their dog more time and attention than someone who works a "normal" schedule, but prefers to just throw their dog in the backyard and forget about it.

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Re: Leaving a dog alone for 12+ hours

Postby heartbullies » Sun Sep 25, 2011 3:14 am

In the original post, it mentioned a dog walker? Most dog walkers have the dog out and briskly walking the streets or running the trails for an hour or two and several miles, and maybe some backpack carrying and training.

Anyway, for the OP, I would combine the dog walker with an extra visit of a short bathroom break, like something a friend or trusted neighbor could do, just to let the dog into the yard or walk around the block, check on the dog and make sure he's ok and give him a frozen Kong.

One day of that per week seems reasonable to me, assuming the dog isn't in a crate or has sep anx, and that the owner socializes and exercises their dog on the other 6 days a week and also acclimates the dog to resting or alone time, so that the one 24 isn't a total terrible aberration. I would also have the owner, dog walker, and friend/neighbor all give the dog a stuffed Kong when they leave (ie, split the meals into 3) that the owner can have prepared and in the freezer or fridge. Hooray, people leaving means quiet snacking-project time, and all that.

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