Food Allergies

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Re: Food Allergies

Postby xKayleighx » Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:06 pm

starrlamia wrote:
xKayleighx wrote:
starrlamia wrote:there are some good limited ingredient formulas, usually it's a protein they are allergic to and not neccessarily grains. Natural Balance has limited ingredient formulas and Acana has one as well.

I've fed both types of food... both are great except Bruce got VERY bored with Natural Balance. I ALWAYS had to mix it with something to get him to eat it.

He still likes his Acana though.

grendel too, he hates natural balance but loves acana! Right now we are trying out TOTW fish to see if he does well on it. If not back to acana.

We have also been on TOTW both fish and bison formula. Bruce loved both... 1 of my reasons for taking him off was the only place I could get TOTW was at a feed store that would sell random "AKC registered" puppies... I just couldn't support the business. Also Diamond went through their recall and someone suggested Acana... we haven't gone back. I love that Bruce gets excited when I go near his food container and lays right down next to his bowl, and that his fur is so soft, and oh have I mentioned he only poops once a day and it's half the size it ever was on any other dog food??? That's pretty awesome. I've considered going back on TOTW since it's cheaper but.... I don't know why but Acana's got me hooked.

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Re: Food Allergies

Postby Boss*sMom » Tue Sep 27, 2011 10:27 pm

So far so good, the red blotches are gone, and no more licking or chewing.

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